Tackling Tasks in October

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I have a little confession to make, that to anyone who knows me will come as no surprise.  I am not nearly as organized and put-together as I sometimes (I hope) appear to be.  Yes, I am more organized than some, but my efforts at organization are counter-balanced by a good measure of procrastination and lazy!  I have grand ideas and find I rarely see them come to fruition due to lack of motivation and perseverance.

In fact, I could close my eyes, spin around in my house and point to a project that is incomplete or a place where a project should go.  And I could chalk it up to almost any excuse in the book, but I am coming clean: it’s ME!  So, I am actively pursuing a solution.

One of my favorite home blogs is The Nesting Place and she does a series each year in the month of October focused on a particular topic.  Each year she comes up with great ideas and for the last couple she has invited others to join in the fun.  Last year I was expecting a child in the middle of October, so I couldn’t participate.

But this year I have been inspired to give it a go and make it beneficial to my home.  Thus, I am starting on Tuesday a new series called Tacking Tasks (Simple Projects. Steady Progress.).

Tackling Tasks

The goal the series is to talk about (and get done) lingering projects around the house.  We have been in this house for almost 7 years and there are still walls that are completely blank, curtains that still have not been purchased, much less hung, and little honey-do projects all over the place.

So, wish me luck and send a few prayers my way, because it this month I want to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

You can come back here to get all the tasks in one place:

Task #1: Toddler Drink/Snack Station

Task #2: Under Sink Cabinet Organization

Task #3: Bathroom Decor

Task #4: One Hour Freezer Cooking (6 Dinners in 60 minutes)

Task #5: Landing Zone

Task #6: Bedroom Wall Art

Task #7: Rainbow Library

Task #8:  Most Valued Products Bin

Task #9: Phone with Rewards

Task #10: Homemade Gnocchi

Task #11: Toddler-Made Birthday Present

Task #12: Texas Love

Task #13: Baby Gate

Task #14: Kids Clothes Storage

Task #15: Refrigerator Love

The Secret to Getting More Done Each Day – guest post by Tina at Mamas Like Me

Task #16: Utility Closet

Task #17: Toy Sorting and Cleaning

Task #18: Blog Button

Task #19: Coupon Organization

Task #20: Disney Fun

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  1. Rachel G

    Awesome! It definitely seems like those tasks sometimes linger on for far too long, but it feels so good when they are finally done!

  2. misssrobin

    Best wishes for a wonderfully productive month! I hope you’re able to accomplish all you’d like and enter winter feeling like your home is a snuggly place to be. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

    Happy Sharefest!

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