Task #11: A Birthday Present

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birthday onesie 2

Happy Birthday to our sweet young ONE year old Autumn Wren Hudson!  She brings joy and laughter to our home each day!  And she is very loved by each person in our family!

Her older sister has been insisting on praying for “Wrennie’s birthday” everyday for the past three weeks.  She is so excited about it!  So, I wanted to include her in the preparations for Wren’s big day.  We have had lots of conversations about cakes and parties.  And I wanted our oldest to be able to give something special to her sister for her big day.

wren in onesie

I saw this pin a long time ago on Pinterest and filed it away in my mind as a project to do specifically for Wren’s birthday and for today’s task.

Sandpaper Printed T-shirt Kids Craft | Alphamom

The tutorial in the post is really good!  So I won’t go into detail on how to do it here.  But I do want to share that it is AMAZING!  and I am in love with the results.  The best part is the sense of accomplishment my toddler feels in having made something special for her sister!

Just a note on the process for making this.  I involved G in the process of this every step of the way.  We colored the picture (a birthday cake).

birthday onesie

We got out the ironing board and iron and talked about safety with these objects.  I pressed down on the ironing board with the iron on the pad and took it away and had her touch where it was hot (to see it was hot) and then touch another cool spot on the board.  We talked about getting burned and I told her when she placed her hands on the ironing board to always touch the cool spot.  She sat there and watched as I ran the iron over the design and as I removed the design, we celebrated over the “magic!”

birthday onesie 1

We put it in the dryer to set and ran to go get it after it was set.  And she was so excited to show it to everyone who will look!

And I must say, Wren looks adorable in it!

toddler-made birthday present


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