6 Steps to Sort & Store Kids Clothes

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simple process for sorting and storing kids clothes

We have a bi-annual consignment event in our area for moms and moms-to-be to shop for gently used items.  I get pretty excited about it and try to put off purchasing certain items I know I will need, to see if I can find them at the sale.  To coincide with the event and because it has to be done pretty regularly at the ages our girls are, I go through all the girls’ clothing and sort out hand-me-downs and outgrown items.  Then I make a mental (or actual) list of the items of clothing the girls will need in the coming months.

The sale for the fall season starts on Friday; so the task I tackled today was the girls clothing storage.  I am actually embarrassed to admit that a large portion of baby clothing has been sitting untouched in my office for months.  I sorted it I don’t know when and needed another plastic storage bin for a large portion of it; so I just left it there until I bought a bin.

Guess who bought a bin today? I often think that someday I am going to buy all matching bins for the garage storage, but then I think about the expense and just buy the cheapest one.  Someday my OCD will overwhelm my penny-pinching and I will have the garage of my dreams…some day!

I have a really simple process for sorting and storing the girls’ clothing each season.  It seems like I just get it done and turn around and it is time for it to happen again; so I have LOTS of practice on it!  (Oh, how the time flies!)  Here is what I do to sort out our girls’ clothing and get it ready for the upcoming season.

  1. I take everything (every-thing) out of their closet and  their bins (check out their shared closet and my tips for maintaining an orderly shared closet for kids) and go through each and every piece of clothing and shoe.  I try to make sure I do this when the majority of their clothing is clean.
  2. I sort out bottoms and tops, pajamas, etc. for each girl.
  3. As I go, I notice items that are just too worn to pass down or give away and toss them in the garbage bin or the upcycle bin – there are some amazing things you can do with old, worn out clothing!
  4. Taking G (the oldest)’s clothes first I check all the sizes of what she has in her closet to make sure they fit her.  If they do not they go into the pile for W (the youngest).  If I think W will not be able to wear the item in the next season (before the next sale), either because of weather appropriateness or size; I put it into a storage bin that goes at the top of G’s side of the closet.
  5. Once G’s clothes are all sorted and sized, I fold all the bottoms and place them in a bin.  I hang all the shirts (have you seen the video for my tip/tutorial on how I hang shirts and dresses).  I do sort hanging clothes by dress and shirt sleeve length, and color.  I worked at a department store long ago, what can I say?
  6. Taking W (the youngest girl)’s clothes, I check all the sizes of what she has in her closet to make sure they fit her.  If they no longer fit, they go into storage (for a possible future baby or the moment when I feel I could safely pass them on without tears), sorted by size and labeled.  As I am doing this, I add in all the items that came from G’s closet (that bin at the top) and do as I did in the last step.
  7. I have a second storage bin at the top of W’s side of the closet for clothing she will grow out of before the next time I sort and store clothes.  Anything that doesn’t fit her any more goes in this bin to be added to long-term storage later.

To give you an idea of the system I do for the girls’ clothes and closet, I made this simple diagram of their closet.

quickly sort and store kids clothes each season with this system for kids who share a closet


Whew!  That sounds like a lot of work but it only took me 45 minutes!  Not bad for two little girls with more clothing than their mama!  Feel free to pin this post with this pin so you can refer back to it next time you sort through your kids clothes.

Still looking for ways to control the kid’s chaos?  Check out this great e-book from Dana White called Teaching Kids to Clean.

6 simple steps to sort and store kids clothing


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