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This site is about the joys of homemaking and homeschooling. 

I haven’t gotten it all figured out, but I have problem-solved my way into some simple solutions which are big blessings to me. 

And I am passing them along to YOU!

Hang out for a little while & see the simple things going on in our home that might be a blessing to you.

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Morning Time Solved!

Do you struggle to figure out how to do morning time?  

You see all the possibilities – art, hymns, poetry, memory work, Bible verses, etc. – and the overwhelm sets in!  

Get a FREE set of Gathering Placemats (direct to your inbox) and experience the joy of morning time with your family – without all the work. 

Testimonials from readers like you!

Andrea D.
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Everything I read from you is so refreshing and… I’m lacking the right word. Sweet? Wholesome? …not quite. Sound? Maybe that’s what I’m looking for. I’m so thankful for your heart!
Jean M.
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Love your study of John . We used it for our first week with Sonlight homeschool and wish you had more chapters covered. It’s totally helped us dig deeper and gain revelation rather than checking a box for our reading. Love the drawings, that’s my style! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
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I can’t even express to you the joy that you are bringing to me, my family, and our homeschool by creating these artists placemats!!!! I have all of the Gathering placemats, and they are true beauty!!!
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These are just brilliant! {gathering placemats}
Linda P.
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What a blessing to find your site!!
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Leah, I LOVE these. Seriously what an incredible blessing. Praise God! I am super excited to start to incorporate these. It’s like all of the favorite things into one thing! STOKED - {gathering placemats}
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You are committed!! We use saxon, but I just do different no-prep activities for their big-prep activities. 🙂 Haha props to you mama! This is all SO organized. {Saxon Math Prep}
Jill R.
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Hi Leah! I just found you today =) THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your talents through your place mats!!! I can’t wait to incorporate them into our family time around the table. Your talent and willingness to be used as a blessing to others blessed my family for sure. I have already printed out the 4 that came in the email, are you keeping the new ones (if there are any yet) in another location? I would love to collect them all=) Seriously, thank you again, I have no talent like this but I CANT WAIT to use these!!!

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