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Tackling Tasks in October

This entry is part 1 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

I have a little confession to make, that to anyone who knows me will come as no surprise.  I am not nearly as organized and put-together as I sometimes (I hope) appear to be.  Yes, I am more organized than some, but my efforts at organization are counter-balanced by a good measure of procrastination and lazy!  I have grand ideas and find I rarely see them come to fruition due to lack of motivation and perseverance.

In fact, I could close my eyes, spin around in my house and point to a project that is incomplete or a place where a project should go.  And I could chalk it up to almost any excuse in the book, but I am coming clean: it’s ME!  So, I am actively pursuing a solution. Continue Reading

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A Toddler Drink Station

This entry is part 2 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

I have been frustrated by a couple of things since our oldest became a toddler in regards to kid cups, plates, bowls, straws, sippy cups, et. al.  And the frustration will multiply in about a month (another toddling soon), if I don’t do something about it.

1. Why do none, and I mean none of the cups that say spill-proof or leak-proof, actually follow-up on that promise?  Is there not a standard in regards to false advertizing being violated here?

2. What do I do with all this JUNK?  We moved into our house long before we brought kids home and I set up my kitchen to hold what my husband and I needed.  I didn’t realize I would need what amounts to a whole shelving system in my kitchen just for kids.

I do realize there is almost nothing I can do about frustration #1, but I can work on a system for frustration #2.  I have just been putting it off for some time. Continue Reading

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Task #2: Undersink Organization

This entry is part 3 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

We are staying in the kitchen for Day 2 of 31 Days of Tackling Tasks.  I guess my cabinets are getting out of hand, so I took a few minutes to de-clutter and reorganize my under sink cabinet in my kitchen.

I have some simple solutions already in place in this cabinet, so I really just needed to go through and toss things I don’t need/use in this space.  One of the things you can’t really see in this picture is the multiple bottles of bubbles.  Continue Reading

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Task #3: Bathroom Decor

This entry is part 4 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

As I mentioned in my introductory post for Tackling Tasks in October, we have lived in our home for almost seven years and we still have blank spaces where art or something interesting should be.  We often have grand plans and pieces of art literally sit propped against the wall for ages.

I have wanted to put some piece of art on the wall over the bathtub in our master bath almost since we moved in, but I just never got around to it.  Why is it that the simplest projects are the ones I put off for way too long?  And then when they are completed (5 minutes later), I wonder, “Why did I put that off?” Continue Reading

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Task #4: One Hour Freezer Cooking

This entry is part 5 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

Since I am getting real this month about things that need to be finished around here that aren’t (due to my lack), let’s talk food.  I have been a true, and I mean true, failure in menu planning lately!  I used to LOVE menu planning.  I would do it by the month.  I rarely cooked the same meal twice.  I had it together.

And now…

I am doing good to have a menu plan at the beginning of the week, but following it is another thing.  I rarely make it to the grocery store in a timely manner (a key of menu following).  I often find myself at the end of the day struggling to figure out what we are going to eat.  AHH!

So I turned to Pinterest for help.  Continue Reading

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Task #5: Landing Zone

This entry is part 6 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

A few weeks ago my husband lost one of the keys to his car.  He had a spare, but was a bit concerned because he had recently (twice) locked his keys in his car (once with the car running).  We have those keys that you are not supposed to be able to lock your keys in the car…they lied.  Anybody that came into contact with my husband during this week of missing key (let’s call it KeyGate) got to hear about the missing key.  Our toddler was questioned thoroughly each day.  Even the baby was consulted regarding the missing key.

We had kind of given up on the key.  We thought we might have lost it at a bouncy house place we went to because it was NO where in the house… Continue Reading

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