Task #7: Rainbow Library

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rainbow library

We are book lovers in our house.  Before I had this blog, my husband and I spent a year working on a book blog together.  Our girls are developing a love for reading, too!  But a problem with having little ones is limited time to read for ourselves.  We read all day with our girls, but those books don’t feed me like my books.  I love mostly non-fiction and my husband is into fantasy fiction.

And recently our beautiful built-in bookshelves became an over-crowded mess.  I sit in my office facing the bookshelves each day and each day, I tell myself, “That needs to be re-organized!”  Since I am on my month-long journey to tackle lingering tasks, today was the day!

Long ago before kids, I organized our bookshelves according to genre and color.  All the non-fiction was in the middle and was in a rainbow pattern.  All the fiction was on the outer shelves and was sorted as close as possible according to author (it is important to my husband that his series be sorted properly).

rainbow library 2

This system worked well for us, so I used it as a guide for my work today.  It was a long task (and dusty!), but I could not be happier with the results!  I am sitting here breathing in the order and the design as I write this.  Oh, why did I wait so long to get it back to this stage!

rainbow library

The side benefit of this project is purging!  I am reluctant to get rid of books because I love them so much.  But if I am honest with myself, I realize I will not read some of these books again.  So, I was pleased we were able to get rid of so many books!

book purge

How do you have your bookshelves organized?

rainbow library task

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  1. Susan

    Your bookshelves are so lovely! I have bookshelf envy, bad.

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