Task #12: Texas Love

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tackling tasks buttonWe went ahead and tackled today’s task early in the day because we had a birthday party to get to.  We have had this project lying around since before we had kids and I can’t believe we waited this long to get it done.  It literally took less than 10 minutes to put it up!  We are really good at procrastinating.

We have a fondness of Texas that comes naturally to anyone born in the state.  It can never be removed.  It is stuck in there.  A while back we were in the market for a Texas state flag, but living in California, we didn’t see very many…in fact, none.  So my in-laws found one for us on a trip to Texas and we love it.

I just knew we would love it even more when we got it on the wall.  So, today’s task was to put it up in our loft.  We have had the perfect spot for it for quite some time.  In fact, this flag used to be proudly displayed by resting it on top of the back of the sofa (how’s that for child safe?) just a few inches lower than where we wanted it to be.

loft wall before

This project required the use of a hammer, two nails, and a laser level/stud finder.  The frame for the flag had a wire picture hanger on it and was pretty heavy, so we wanted to make sure it was sturdy and level.  My husband did all the hard work of stud-finding and leveling.

laser level

And we are very happy with the results!  Now our girls will recognize the state flag of Texas long before they recognize the state flag of California.  Which will come in handy should we have to immigrate when Texas secedes!

texas love


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  1. evonne

    Love it! If I start a rumor that Texas is seceding, will y’all head this way? lol

    Hope you had a great party and W had a great bday!!!

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