Task #15: Refigerator Organization Love

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fridge taskI have a serious relationship with my refrigerator.  I love her.  I have talked about her before.

I think the reason I love my fridge so much is because we sacrificed to buy her.  We scrimped and saved and dreamed about her for quite some time.  We worked hard to get her home and she does a lot in return.  She not only looks beautiful (sometimes I do just want to open both French doors and gaze at the gorgeous wide bottom shelf with the wide drawer underneath), she is very functional.  I love that she can hold all the food our family needs (and more) without complaining or losing temperature.

Ok, you get it right?  I LOVE my fridge!

But, there was a little bit of a break down in the relationship in two areas:

1. She had a hard time staying clean on the outside.  I mean she is stainless steel, so she has that going against her, but the streaks and stains just wouldn’t go away.


2. She doesn’t really get along with others.  I mean when just about anybody other than me comes along and wants to place something on her spacious shelves or in her drawers, she doesn’t direct them.  She just lets them put stuff where ever.  This makes me have to work harder on our relationship than is necessary.

So, I thought about these two problems for quite some time (seriously!) and I came up with two eureka! solutions to the woes of my beloved friend.

The solution to stainless steel smudges, streaks, and stains can be found over at Ask Anna today (I wrote my contribution post on it this month).  Trust me, your stainless steel refrigerator is going to want to tell her friends about this solution!

THE way to CLEAN stainless steel appliances_

And the solution to her relationship problem with others is today’s task: LABELS.  I got these labels from the office supply store (thanks Martha!) and I love them.  They are removable, so they won’t mar my friend’s surfaces.  And when random strangers accost my friend, she will be able to kindly show them their place, or the place where the milk goes.

fridge fruit

My task today caused me to clean the inside and outside of my fridge and I have fallen in love again with her!  She is all gussied up with her pretty blue labels, her functional fridge coasters, and her smudge free outer shell.  She looks perfect!  Oh, and I bought her a gift, too: a butter dish – she is very thankful and she knows where to put it!

Fridge Friendly

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  1. Karen main

    I have never heard anyone speak so lovingly of their fridge or any white goods for that matter. it is refreshing to hear how much you treasure a big purchase you sacrificed for.
    Keep on loving that fridge, one of life’s simple pleasures.
    Happy Sharefest

  2. Leslie

    I try to this with my fridge but I have a roommate that’s a mess. I can tell every-time she’s been in it. 6 more months! Haha. I’m stopping by from SITS, I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Tiffany

    I love that you love your fridge! I too have a stainless steel friend that holds residence in my kitchen and his (my fridge has got to be rough and tough to handle the 3 Kiddies, Teenager and Hubby) outer appearance has been lacking lately. So I will definitely be checking out your tips on how to keep his grooming up better and give him that dapper look he once had! 😀

    Thanks for the awesome tips and funny take on it !

  4. Deirdre

    My fridge needs a little tender loving care. Thank you for the tips!

  5. LydiaF

    My fridge only looks like that on the day it gets cleaned…
    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend!

  6. Okay, when can I expect you to come to my house and teach my fridge how its supposed to take care of the family? Of course, it is old, and may not want to learn some new tricks, but hey, you won’t know until you try.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  7. Tiffany

    I have been meaning to get my fridge cleaned out, and now that it is just before another payday, and is low on product, it may be a good time to do so. I love the labels in the fridge! I think I’m going to do that on mine as well. That way the kids and hubby know where everything belongs… no more excuses. lol Thanks for sharing your fridge tips.

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