Task #5: Landing Zone

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Landing Zone After

A few weeks ago my husband lost one of the keys to his car.  He had a spare, but was a bit concerned because he had recently (twice) locked his keys in his car (once with the car running).  We have those keys that you are not supposed to be able to lock your keys in the car…they lied.  Anybody that came into contact with my husband during this week of missing key (let’s call it KeyGate) got to hear about the missing key.  Our toddler was questioned thoroughly each day.  Even the baby was consulted regarding the missing key.

We had kind of given up on the key.  We thought we might have lost it at a bouncy house place we went to because it was NO where in the house…

6 Days later my husband was breaking down some boxes to put into the recycling bin and he cut the box open and out came a KEY, his key.  Yea!  The toddler was off the hook, the baby smiled and giggled.  And I rested easier knowing I would not have to hear the daily updates on KeyGate any longer.

Very soon after that, we were at Target and my husband stopped by the hardware section and picked out a hook strip for our laundry room, so he would always know where his keys were.  And then it just sat on our laundry room counter for weeks.  Until today!  Task #5 for Tackling Tasks in October is a Landing Zone for our entryway from the garage (the laundry room) with the key strip being the main addition.

I also cleared out some clutter and made a resolution (again) regarding the paper that comes into the house: sort it and then trash it or file it.  As you can see in the before picture, I have quite the collection of magazines that needed to be addressed.  So I took a little time while we were watching a movie to go through them throwing away (recycling) ones that I don’t want and taking out what I would actually use.  The new resolution regarding the black basket is when the paper is above the top of the basket, I will stop and sort and throw away what I don’t need.

before landing zone

My husband put up the key rack for me and I cleared off the charging station, setting up a spot for each of our sunglasses and phones.  I put change in the change jar and located the errant candle-lighter (don’t ask me why it is in our landing zone, I don’t know).  It looks so much better and it is hopefully more functional.  Now we are just going to have to remember which keys go to which car (they are almost exactly the same) and to hang them up when we walk in the door.

Landing Zone After

Much better now!  KeyGate is officially over!

Landing Zone

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  1. evonne

    WOW! That looks great! I know it was work but I am sure it will be worth it. Inspires me!

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