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Tackling Tasks

I have been frustrated by a couple of things since our oldest became a toddler in regards to kid cups, plates, bowls, straws, sippy cups, et. al.  And the frustration will multiply in about a month (another toddling soon), if I don’t do something about it.

1. Why do none, and I mean none of the cups that say spill-proof or leak-proof, actually follow-up on that promise?  Is there not a standard in regards to false advertizing being violated here?

2. What do I do with all this JUNK?  We moved into our house long before we brought kids home and I set up my kitchen to hold what my husband and I needed.  I didn’t realize I would need what amounts to a whole shelving system in my kitchen just for kids.

I do realize there is almost nothing I can do about frustration #1, but I can work on a system for frustration #2.  I have just been putting it off for some time.

Well, as I started Tackling Tasks this month, I put this on my list of things to do.  And I suddenly had the opportunity to tackle it due to a LONG conversation (ahem…on-hold-music listening party) with a service provider this weekend.  So, I took the opportunity to wash dishes, put away dishes and tackle this little project:

Toddler Drink/Snack StationToddler Drink and Snack Station 2a

I re-purposed a picnic caddy (sort-of) and made it a place for cups, lids, utensils, and plates.  Then I placed it on the counter for easy access.  We have still more cups so, I placed them on either side of the caddy.  This provides a very easy way for any body who is in the house watching after the kids to find cups, straws, forks, spoons, and plates.  And since these are items that get a lot of use, they are easy to put away.  I can just pick up the caddy and bring it over to the dishwasher, load it up, and set it back in its place.

Toddler Drink and Snack Station

I am very happy with this little project and am happy to have all the toddler accoutrement in the same place and organized!

What do you do to control the kiddie clutter chaos?

Toddler Drink and Snack Station - tackling tasks day 1

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  1. evonne

    What a great idea! Simple yet effective.

  2. Tanya

    Awesome idea! Pinned and on the to-do list. 🙂

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