Task #2: Undersink Organization

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Under Sink Cabinet Before MakeoverWe are staying in the kitchen for Day 2 of 31 Days of Tackling Tasks.  I guess my cabinets are getting out of hand, so I took a few minutes to de-clutter and reorganize my under sink cabinet in my kitchen.

I have some simple solutions already in place in this cabinet, so I really just needed to go through and toss things I don’t need/use in this space.  One of the things you can’t really see in this picture is the multiple bottles of bubbles.  I am seriously considering having a play date called the Bubble blow-off and trying to come up with new and strange ways to get rid of the ridiculously large collection of bubbles we have (Are we the only ones?).

So the simple solutions I like in our cabinet are:

1. A kitchen helper shelf – you can see it holding a the white basket, perched over our big box of trash bags.  I like this because I can use the vertical space available a smaller horizontal footprint.  I also like this because it serves as our paper towel roll holder (it fits perfectly!), which I do not want displayed on our counter.

2. A small glass vase to hold dishwashing tabs.  I love that I can see them and there is a certain amount of pretty on display when I open the cabinet.  I can store the vase while making it useful when I don’t have fresh flowers in the house.

3. A box for our steam cleaner.  We kept the box for our steam cleaner (we don’t usually keep boxes for our appliances) and I put all the attachments in the box and store the cleaner on top of the box.  It is clearly in view when I open the cabinet and the attachments are readily available when I need them.

But what I didn’t like was I had gotten lazy lately and was throwing things I don’t need in that cabinet, just to get them out of the way.  So I went through and kept only the essentials.  I took the mass collection of bubbles elsewhere and tossed old and unused cleaners.

Essential Cleaning supplies

Here is the result (much better!):

Under Sink Cabinet After

If you only had room for 5 items under your sink, what would you keep under there?

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