Task #6: Master Bedroom Wall Art

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wall artWe have a huge beautiful painting in our master bedroom (I can’t figure out how to take a picture of it where it looks right, so you will just have to imagine it is very nice).  But that is literally ALL that is on the walls in that room.  Almost seven years and four mostly blank walls.

We have been planning for a couple of months what we would like to put up there, but we have not been able to find something suitable.  We have also been planning on hanging some candle sconces/metal wall art on one particular wall for over 2 months.  Literally, they have been sitting in our closet ready to be hung, just waiting for someone motivated.

As I am in the process of tackling tasks around the house, today’s task was putting up the sconces!

My husband helped (meaning he put them up on the walls and I watched and told him they looked right) and I am very pleased with the way they look.  We went for a more random look, so we wouldn’t have to do endless measuring.

before bedroom wall

The hangers on the sconces did require that we measure the distance between the mounting brackets, but this was very simple.  We didn’t even bother with a level, just went for it and eyeballed the results.  I went to the store today afterward to get some votive candles for the glass cloches and I really like the way it adds a little ambiance to the room!

wall art

As I am learning with many of these tasks, it was not difficult to complete this task, and it did not take long at all.  This gives me motivation to keep going with the simple tasks that are making a big impact in our home!

Master Bedroom Wall Art

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