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Tot School for Twos: Getting the Ball Rolling

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We have officially moved up to Tot School from our One Year Old Preschool.  We will be starting One Year Old Preschool pretty soon with W, but until then we will be doing Baby Play and Tot School for Twos (and I guess everything in between).

And to ease into the year, I decided to work with something G has some experience with: balls!  I wanted to work on some basic concepts with her, while having lots of fun and keeping her active.  And we did have quite a good time.

The vocabulary I focused on introducing to G were: round, roll, ball (different types), and circle.  We also talked a lot about bouncing and kicking.  The concepts I wanted her to begin to explore were related to size and fitting. Continue Reading

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Tot School for Twos: Horse Play

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We are finally getting around to the farm unit I started planning back when we were doing One Year Old Preschool!  I am so excited about some of the ideas we have, so keep checking back in the next few weeks to see what Farmer G is up to!

Our farm unit includes play and books related to farms, but each week will specifically focus on one animal.  First up was horses! Continue Reading

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Tot School for Twos: Pig Play

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We are continuing our farm unit in preschool and this week is pigs!  This unit involves learning through play and books about farms, but each week is focused on one farm animal.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. I receive remuneration when you click and purchase.  No pressure, I just share things I truly love.

My goals for the week were to teach G vocabulary related to pigs (squeal, piglet, curly, mud, sty, etc.), reinforce letter and color recognition, and teach basic pig facts, while having lots of messy fun! Continue Reading

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Tot School for Twos: Chirping Chicks

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We have been truly enjoying our extended farm unit.  I try to make our units only last a week, but we end up having so much fun, we extend them.  This week (or so) we focused on chicks, hens, and roosters.

My goals for the week were to teach vocabulary, reinforce letter and shape recognition, and teach a comforting concept on security (we are having some bedtime struggles lately, so I thought I would throw this in).  These goals are in addition to learning chick and chicken facts. Continue Reading

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Farm Table – 100 Days of Play

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Tot School for Twos
I am joining a wonderful group of bloggers to celebrate play as part of a blog hop called 100 Days of Play.  There are, literally, 100 ideas of how to play with your kids!  Go check out the other blogs, listed at the bottom of this post, and find something fun to do with your kids.  Today, I bring you a simple environment for play:

 A few months back we took a day-trip up to the nearest Ikea to look around and get a number of things.  We ended up buying only one of the things we went to buy, but it was a wonderful purchase.  We got the girls a small white play table and two chairs.

G immediately loved playing on the table and sitting in the chairs “like a lady.”  We have already gotten so much use out of it.

But the other day, I looked at it and had an idea and I am so happy with how it turned out.

We are currently working through a farm unit in our One Year Old Preschool, so I thought it would be nice to create a farm environment on her table to teach her about farming and a little bit about how a farm works.

After the girls were down for bed, we got to work on our project.  It was surprisingly easy.  We used three items:

construction paper

contact paper and


We made a road down the middle of the table, a pasture with a pond on one side of the table, and a field and pen on the other side. We simply folded and tore the construction paper and taped it down on the table.  Then we carefully overlaid contact paper on top to protect it from the intense play of a 22 month old girl.  (Tip: cut the contact paper to length, remove the backing (you will want someone to help you hold it so it doesn’t stick to itself) and (again, with the help of a partner) lay it over the construction paper.  It is very forgiving, but you don’t want to continue to remove and reapply it, because it will lose its stickiness.)

Last, we added our Little People farm set on top.

We couldn’t wait for G to see it when she got up in the morning.  And she LOVES it.  The contact paper protects the surface and she will be able to play with it for all the weeks we do this farm unit.  And even better: when we get finished with the unit, the scene will be easily removed and the table will be unscathed.

I figure you could so something similar to this with just about any scene you like.  I think this idea would definitely translate well into a car theme table top or a train table top.  What do you think?


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