Begin with Bible Study – Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Have you just read one of my articles about Bible study? Are you looking for more information on getting started with Bible study?

One of the passions of my life is for women to learn how to study the Bible. For homemakers to start doing it now so that the seeds of the Word have time to sprout, and grow into beautiful flowers in their lives.

Have you ever said to yourself?:

“I don’t have time for Bible study”

“I don’t know how to study the Bible.”

There are answers and resources for these concerns!  Please check out these resources and click around to the links to find even more information.  I pray this page will be a resource you will come back to again and again to get more information about Bible study.

Get back to Bible Study

What is true Bible study?

True Bible study is the process of looking intently into the Word of God for truth, seeking to know more about the character and actions of God.  It is directed by the Holy Spirit, who is your tutor, your teacher, who is the One to lead you into truth.  And of course, true Bible study is sitting at Jesus (the true Word)’s feet and listening intently to what He has to say with a heart ready and willing to obey.

You will find I am a BIG proponent of studying the Bible inductively.  It is a method of study whereby you learn to use the tools God has provided you to study His good Word.  In it you find that the Holy Spirit truly is your teacher – which is amazing!   Here are my 5 Reasons to study the Bible inductively.

Why is Bible study important?

Jesus says of sitting at His feet that is “the good part,” the “necessary thing.”  He points to it as THE ultimate priority of our lives.

Once you have installed Bible study at the top of your priority list, there will be time for Bible study in your day.  For more information about creating the lifelong habit of daily Bible study, please check out my series, You DO Have Time for Bible Study.

5 Reasons for Inductive Bible study.

How Do I Begin with Bible Study?

In a sense, you just start reading prayerfully through Scripture.  But there are plenty of tools available to help you get started.  I highly recommend:

How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur, David Arthur, and Pete DeLacy

Pick a Place for Bible Study

How to Evaluate Bible studies

My Favorite Bible Reading Program

How Do I Teach my Kids to Study the Bible, too?

The best way to teach your kids to study the Bible is to do it with them, step by step, line by line.  I have a series on Inductive Study for Kids going through the book of John.  You can read more about it here:

Inductive Study for Kids

And I did a short study of the Birth of Jesus, too. You can find more about it here:

The Story of the Birth of Jesus

Resources I Recommend:

My Favorite Bible study Supplies

Biblical Word Study Resources

Precept Ministries

How to get started with Bible Study - resources, tips, and motivation to begin a lifelong habit of studying the Word of God