Shared Girls’ Closet Reveal

Shared Closet Drawer Bins with divider

Oh, my!  I am so excited to share our recent overhaul of the closet in what is going to be the girls’ shared room.  I say going to be, because we are still hoping to transition them soon – it has been a long process!  The girls have been sharing a closet in anticipation of shared quarters for about a month.  And it has taken me a while to get all the organizational items I needed for the space together.  But now everything is in place and I am so stoked to share it with you.

Here’s the new shared closet:

This is W’s side Girls Shared Closet Reveal - simple closet makeover

And here are some detail photos:

Girls Shared Closet Makeover Reveal - top right

Girls Shared Closet Makeover Reveal - bottom right


And this is G’s side:

Closet Organization

Girls Shared Closet Makeover Reveal - top left

Girls Shared Closet Makeover Reveal - bottom right

Please check out my post for Ask Anna with tips for organizing a shared kids closet for more detail about how I organized it.  And read on to find out more about the sources for our closet.

The Details

We use tube kids hangers from Target.

We had the white storage trunk at the bottom of the closet custom-made, but you can find similar options to fit your closet.

I purchased the under-bed storage boxes from One Kings Lane.  I slit the top of the boxes open for four of the boxes.  Then I took out the cardboard, so I could fold the top of the box under the box, for easy access to the bins. These have become like drawers.  We can pull them out, get what we need and push them back into the shelf.

Shared Closet Drawer Bins with divider

I searched for what I was looking for to divide the boxes for quite some time, but drawer dividers are expensive! But while I was shopping I had a brainstorm! I took the box the under-bed storage boxes were delivered in and cut the flaps off.  I covered them in some pretty contact paper (click here for similar) and created the dividers for the inside of the boxes.

I used Washi tape (find similar here) to add a little bit of something to the white storage trunk at the bottom of the closet.  I also added it to the existing white shelf at the top of the closet.  TIP: You can make sure that your Washi tape sticks to the surface you want it to stick to by running a hair dryer over it.  The heat makes the tape stick more!

I found the grey long-term storage baskets at the top of the closet at Target on clearance a while back.  I love a good sale! And I found the hanging labels at my most recent visit there.

We added a few of the girls favorite things to the shelf, so they would have something fun to look at.


Here’s a little bit more inspiration for your closet organization:

Girl's Closet Organization

The girls love their new closet and G has already figured out where everything goes. Stay tuned this week for a tutorial on how I fold their bedclothes to keep them together and neat.

Do your kids share a closet or a bedroom?  How do you make it work for them?

A Shared Kids Closet Makeover reveal - tips and sources

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