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First Day of School 2018

What a beautiful homeschool space! I would love to learn here!
This entry is part 4 of 27 in the series Homeschool

We just finished our first day of school for the girls (and AG, by surprise) in our updated homeschool space.  I know it is Labor Day. But Labor Day means Daddy is home and I have help for the day. We also have our first community day with Classical Conversations tomorrow.  I am trying to alleviate the busyness of the morning tomorrow whilst establishing an understanding that we do school AT home.  I had to explain this to the girls a few times because excitement has an affect on their ears!

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Nest Building

A #ClutterFree Living Room

Items to nix from your living room to stay clutter free
This entry is part of 6 in the series #ClutterFree Journey

This #ClutterFree Journey is really getting to be fun!  I am starting to see my house the way that I want it to look.  It really helps after removing all the clutter.  I am starting to see the potential in our various rooms, to think about the things I would really like to do in those rooms.  In short, it is giving purpose to my home again!  And I love it!

Along the way I have been discovering the pit falls for clutter, the likely clutter places and I am addressing the specific places with specific solutions.  This week, I worked on our living room.

As with a few of the other spaces I have worked on, I thought initially there wasn’t much clutter in our living room.  We have been working on a remodel of this room for a LONG time (pictures coming soon, I promise!) and throughout the process, I have been removing things that simply do not belong and carefully placing things that do. Continue Reading

Nest Building

The 7 Year Itch – Inspiring Ideas for Home

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series The 7 Year Itch

I can’t believe it has already been a month since the last 7 Year Itch update!  This summer is almost over for us and it was so fast!  I am excited because it is finally getting cool enough to go outside in the evening without feeling like going immediately back indoors.  Sadly we haven’t made much progress on our remodeling projects since last month.  {frown face}  But patience is being worked as we slowly get the projects done.  I got lots of inspiration from last month’s linked-up projects and I am so excited to share with you what we did get done. Continue Reading

Nest Building

Citrus-Rosemary Home Scent

Some of my strongest memories are sensory.  I remember the sounds and smells of an event more than I remember all the little details of my sight.  I can transport myself to many places in my childhood just by a smell.

In the winter, my mom used to create two scent memories for us: she would put a pot of homemade potpourri on the stove and let it simmer throughout the day and she would help us to make orange and clove pomanders.  To this day, I love these smells!  They are comforting to me and bring back memories of times spent with my mom. Continue Reading

Nest Building

Task #2: Undersink Organization

This entry is part 3 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

We are staying in the kitchen for Day 2 of 31 Days of Tackling Tasks.  I guess my cabinets are getting out of hand, so I took a few minutes to de-clutter and reorganize my under sink cabinet in my kitchen.

I have some simple solutions already in place in this cabinet, so I really just needed to go through and toss things I don’t need/use in this space.  One of the things you can’t really see in this picture is the multiple bottles of bubbles.  Continue Reading

Nest Building

A Toddler Drink Station

This entry is part 2 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

I have been frustrated by a couple of things since our oldest became a toddler in regards to kid cups, plates, bowls, straws, sippy cups, et. al.  And the frustration will multiply in about a month (another toddling soon), if I don’t do something about it.

1. Why do none, and I mean none of the cups that say spill-proof or leak-proof, actually follow-up on that promise?  Is there not a standard in regards to false advertizing being violated here?

2. What do I do with all this JUNK?  We moved into our house long before we brought kids home and I set up my kitchen to hold what my husband and I needed.  I didn’t realize I would need what amounts to a whole shelving system in my kitchen just for kids.

I do realize there is almost nothing I can do about frustration #1, but I can work on a system for frustration #2.  I have just been putting it off for some time. Continue Reading

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