First Day of School 2018

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What a beautiful homeschool space! I would love to learn here!

We just finished our first day of school for the girls (and AG, by surprise) in our updated homeschool space.  I know it is Labor Day. But Labor Day means Daddy is home and I have help for the day. We also have our first community day with Classical Conversations tomorrow.  I am trying to alleviate the busyness of the morning tomorrow whilst establishing an understanding that we do school AT home.  I had to explain this to the girls a few times because excitement has an affect on their ears!

A New Back to School Tradition (?)

We have a potential new tradition for this year!  Since my husband was home from work, he was the surprise guest teacher for today. We had a guest teacher last year on the first day and I am considering making it a tradition. The girls had been guessing everyone in our lives EXCEPT him.  Late in the day, when I needed a helping hand I introduced our surprise guest teacher and they were so excited to have him do science with them.

A New Homeschool Space

I worked over the summer to pull together and rearrange our new homeschool space.  This is officially our dining area.  Previously we had the buffet in the dining area in the alcove (tucked out of sight if you are looking at the space).  I was sitting doing my devotions at the dining table banquette one day when I had an idea.  I thought it would be cool to swap the desks and the buffet so that we could add up to 2 more desks to our homeschool space.  After all, we have two little ones on the heels of our older girls.

I am overjoyed with the way the space turned out.  I shared it on social media and it was quite the hit.  So I thought I would share pictures here, too.

What a beautiful homeschool space! I would love to learn here!

Here are the details on where we got all.the.things. (some affiliate links included because we love these things and thought they might be a blessing to you):

Desks: Cost Plus World Market

Cursive Wall Hanging: Paper (Amazon), Hanging Kit (Amazon)

Laminated World Map: Amazon

Bar Stools: Target

Wood Wall Hanging: either DecorSteals or Antique Farm House

Table Cloth: World Market – it is a shower curtain, by the way.


A New Homeschool Student

We also have an additional desk this year! AG is so excited about having his own desk.  And he made working with him on the first day super easy.  We fit in a full preschool lesson into about 30 minutes and he loved every second of it!  I shared some details about what we did with him on Instagram.

First day in a new homeschool space for 3 kids - including a new preschooler!


Here’s to a great homeschool year!

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