Baby’s First Valentine

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Since having kids I am definitely more tempted to make every day a celebration.  I tend to want to do something special for the major holidays throughout the year to teach them about these special days, even if they are still a little young to “get it.”  I try not to do too much, something simple, to mark the occasion.  Most of what we do is talk about what makes each holiday special and do activities to point to a major concept for each special day.

But on Valentine’s Day we do like to get our sweet ones something special for the day.  A simple little basket with a few special things is perfect for letting them know this is a fun day!  I have been on the hunt for cute things for our kids’ Valentine’s baskets and I came up with some ideas for Baby’s First Valentine.


Baby's First Valentine gift and activity guide

These are sweet things for your sweet little one on their first Valentine’s Day:

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Heart baby bib - perfect for baby's first Valentine's Day

This BumKins bib has very wide sides that can catch most of the mess our little ones can make! And the cute hearts nod to Valentine’s but can be used throughout the year.

heart shaped food cutterA heart-shaped food cutter is perfect for beginning self-feeders.  Cut fruits into hearts to show her how much you love her while teaching her early shape concepts.

heart shaped teether - perfect for Baby's first Valentine's DayThis super sweet heart-shaped teether is always a welcome gift for baby.  It seems like babies are always drooling and teething at some point, so why not give them a little love to soothe those sore gums.

yogurt melts to melt your little one's heart on his first Valentine's day

We have a little ones obsessed with yogurt melts!  I have to keep my bigger kids away from them to save them for baby!  They are a perfect snack for on the go.  I think these strawberry and mixed berry puffs are just right to melt your little one’s heart for Valentine’s day! (Sorry, I had to – I couldn’t resist!)


the day it rained hearts


This book, The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond, is ADORABLE!  We love books around here and are still trying to teach our youngest to sit still and “read” with us.  This is so cute, I think she will enjoy looking at it, even if she isn’t interested in what it says!

If you are looking for some simple activities to do with your little Valentine, please check out these fun ideas:

Toddler Valentine Sensory ActivityChocolate Hearts Sensory Play

Heart Sensory Bin from House of Burke

Cinnamon heart cloud dough recipe for Valentine's Day sensory fun from And Next Comes L

Cinnamon Heart Cloud Dough from And Next Comes L

Contact Paper Valentine - Kid Made ValentinesContact Paper Valentine

I hope you and your little one have a wonderful and FUN Valentine’s Day!

NOTE: This post includes affiliate links.  I receive remuneration when you click and purchase.

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  1. Leila Boukarim

    It’s so funny I bought those strawberry beet puffs yesterday! But I did not link them to Valentine’s in any way. I am sad to say, I forgot it was Valentine’s.

    Very creative ideas though!

    1. ussleah

      Oops! We don’t do much for our girls, but we try to make it something special. My husband surprised our girls by bringing home a special treat and we played with our “heart box” much of the day.

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