Valentine Toddler Activity: Chocolate Hearts

I have a few activities planned for this week, but this one kind of took shape at the spur of the moment using things we had in our pantry.

Toddler Valentine Sensory Activity


  • heavy-duty foil
  • chocolate frosting
  • mint flavored marshmallows
  • an offset spatula

Here’s what we did:

I laid down some heavy-duty foil on the counter top and taped down the edges.  Then I put a few lumps of chocolate frosting on the foil in various spots.  I spread out the frosting using the offset spatula to make a thin layer in very basic heart shapes.  Then, I used my finger to define the edges of the heart a little more.  Next I let G go for it to add the marshmallows as she saw fit.  I started by showing her how to stick the marshmallows to the frosting.

chocolate heart

To be honest, I made this purposely to be a snack and an activity, but G took it as a snack and not much else.  She loved to “dip” the marshmallows into the frosting and eat them.

Simple Valentines Day Activity for Toddlers - sweet and messy

Best laid plans.

Toddler Valentine Activity - sweet and simple and messy

At least she was able to recognize the heart shapes.  Oh, and we could stretch it by saying she worked on her fine motor skills whilst eating.  Not much for education, but I think G’s taste buds were pleased.

Toddler Valentines day activity - simple and sweet

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