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contact paper valentine craft

I am not the most crafty mama out there, but when my kids create with contact paper I feel oh-so-crafty.  And I think it is partly because it I feel like I am getting away with something: no mess!

I can count on one hand the times I have let my little ones use glue or glue sticks because I am a little hesitant about the mess.  But contact paper is wonderful for even really young ones because the paper is sticky without creating sticky fingers and a need for bath time following craft time.  (We have done our fair share of messy, too!)

And as I said, contact paper is perfect for very young crafters because it is forgiving.  You can stick and re-stick items on the contact paper and have lots of fun pressing and pulling, while working on fine motor skills. (NOTE: find out how to make cute videos (called GIFs) like this one here)

As a part of Craftulate’s Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials, I am sharing a new contact paper Valentine card we made using contact paper and construction paper (cardstock if you have it).

Contact Paper Valentine

Contact Paper Valentines


Contact paper Valentine - perfect 1st Valentine


  1. Cut cardstock or construction paper to the size you would like your card to be.  I cut our 11 x 8 cardstock in half.
  2. Fold over one time to create a card.
  3. Use the heart-shaped punch to cut out a heart on the front flap of the card.  Your little ones might really enjoy doing this – it is a fine motor work out!
  4. Use the punched out “heart” of cardstock to measure a large enough piece of contact paper to cover the hole left in the card.  Cut to desired size.
  5. Open the card to the inside. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and press onto the back of the heart-shaped opening on the front of the card.  You will want the sticky part of the paper to be visible on the front of the card when it is closed.
  6. Create confetti with your construction paper by tearing it into small bits.  For a more uniform look, you could create confetti with a small hole punch.
  7. Show your child the sticky heart you created and ask her to decorate it with the confetti.

Contact Paper Valentine_craft for baby

I love the way our contact paper valentine cards turned out and I can’t wait to write personalized messages on them and give them away.  This project would be great for school-aged kids to make and give away during Valentine parties!

Contact Paper Valentine - Kid Made Valentines

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Do you have some great ideas and crafts using contact paper?   Please link them up so we can have the Ultimate Guide to Contact Paper!

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    1. ussleah

      I do love contact paper! So easy for even young ones! Thanks for the comment love!

  1. Barb

    For a paper girl like myself I was not familiar with ‘contact paper’ until I read you post. Is it like construction paper? Those torn pieces are very cool as a Valentine heart. Visiting via “Family Fun Friday” from over at

    1. ussleah

      Hi Barb! Thanks for asking, contact paper is sticky on one side and sort of slick on the other. It is often used for lining shelving in the kitchen or bathroom because it is wipeable. We use the clear contact paper that can be found at retailers like Target and Walmart, but I have always purchased mine at a dollar store (frugal and fun!). It has many applications!

  2. Stephanie Kay

    Cute! I’m not a glue stick kind of mom either. And glitter? {shudder.shudder.} I never thought to use contact paper this way. I think we still have some from a long forgotten project. We might give this a try! Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.

  3. Kate Williams

    I’ve been meaning to do something like this with my son 🙂 love it! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Tutorials Pin It Party

  4. anna

    Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tutorials. I must try this, looks cool – and no mess!

    I’m going to feature this post tomorrow. Hope you join us again and link up something new tomorrow!

    1. ussleah

      I know, Anne! It is sort of addictive! And so forgiving!

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