12 Must-Do Crafts to Make before Your Tot is 3

Father's Day Craft_Tacky Tie 3

I do not consider myself very crafty.  I am definitely not artistic and have never taken an art class.  But our first daughter is very artistic, possessing a natural bend toward creating and expressing herself through art.  We noticed it really early.

That meant I had to come up with ways for her to be able to express herself.  Since I am not naturally talented in that area, the crafts I came up with for her to do are very simple.  But it is their simplicity that make them something any parent can replicate with her kids.

Our G is about to turn 3!  (I can’t believe it!)  So, I have been reminiscing and I started thinking about all those crafts we have been doing (and planning some more!) and thought it would be good to share 12 of the very best (these are the ones that still get lots of eyes on them every day).

Tacky Tie for Father’s Day – this activity is SO much fun to do and could not be simpler.  It is perfect even for the youngest crafters.

Paper Rainbows – Two Ways – this craft translates very well to a play date or preschool craft because it is easily multiplied while preparing it for kids.  It is also a great way to teach or review colors.

rainbow paper craft 2

Creation Crafts for Toddlers – Day One and Day Two – These crafts could not be more simple to complete, but teach the very basic concepts of creation.

Cloud creation craft

Green Turtle – A craft from our colorful animal series of crafts – so simple to prepare, so fun to watch little ones do.

turtle craft construction_opt

Yellow Giraffe – Another craft from our colorful animal series – ours has the best wonky eyes!

giraffe craft

Bluebird – This craft takes on special significance for us because we sing a related song at night before bed. 

Toddler Blue Bird Craft - simple craft for little hands

Ladybug – What a cute spring craft!

ladybug craft

Contact Paper Valentines – very similar in concept to the tacky tie for Father’s Day, this craft is perfect for baby’s first valentine.

Contact Paper Valentine_craft for baby

Birthday Band – a spur of the moment idea on our daughter’s second birthday led to this craft.  I think we will make another one this year!

Birthday Headband Craft 2

Tiger – Did you know that every tiger has unique stripes.  That’s why this craft can’t be messed up!

tiger craft

Wiffle Ball Painting – this can be messy, but rewarding.  I just love the artwork that resulted from our exploration of paint and wiffle balls.

wiffle ball painting 4

Upcycled Sailboat Craft – We had hours of fun with this simple craft using items we had around the house.

Sailboat 3


Crafting with our little one has been so much fun these past few years.  I treasure each moment we spent together on the projects and love the light in her eyes when I ask her if she would like to do another one.

Happy crafting, parents!

12 Must-Make Crafts for Tots

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  1. evonne

    Great ideas! And it is fun to see G “grow up” throughout the pictures.

  2. Crystal Green

    These are all some really cute ideas of things to do with my toddler. I love the band and the ball painting ideas.

    1. ussleah

      They are lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment! I think the ball painting is one of our absolute favorites!

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