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Growing Up

Toddler Craft for Spring: It’s Spring! Postcard

We live in the desert so there is not really a season one could term: “Winter.”  And our Spring is short-lived, so much so that I am suspecting this year’s is almost over. Yup.

Our Spring is often accompanied with allergies due to the high winds in our area.  So, trying to balance out the bummer of constant allergies, I thought it would be fun to create a card inspired by the wind.  What is wind good for?  Kite flying!  Here is our sweet toddler spring craft: It’s Spring Postcard. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Contact Paper Valentines + Guide to Contact Paper


I am not the most crafty mama out there, but when my kids create with contact paper I feel oh-so-crafty.  And I think it is partly because it I feel like I am getting away with something: no mess!

I can count on one hand the times I have let my little ones use glue or glue sticks because I am a little hesitant about the mess.  But contact paper is wonderful for even really young ones because the paper is sticky without creating sticky fingers and a need for bath time following craft time.  (We have done our fair share of messy, too!)

And as I said, contact paper is perfect for very young crafters because it is forgiving.  You can stick and re-stick items on the contact paper and have lots of fun pressing and pulling, while working on fine motor skills. (NOTE: find out how to make cute videos (called GIFs) like this one here) Continue Reading

Growing Up, Nest Building

Task #11: A Birthday Present

This entry is part 12 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

Happy Birthday to our sweet young ONE year old Autumn Wren Hudson!  She brings joy and laughter to our home each day!  And she is very loved by each person in our family!

Her older sister has been insisting on praying for “Wrennie’s birthday” everyday for the past three weeks.  She is so excited about it!  So, I wanted to include her in the preparations for Wren’s big day.  We have had lots of conversations about cakes and parties.  And I wanted our oldest to be able to give something special to her sister for her big day. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Painting Pigs


When G was very young (like 7 months) she suddenly grew an intense attachment to a small stuffed pig we had.  She carried it with her everywhere, she slept with it, she teethed on it.  And thus a love affair with all things pig started.  She spotted them everywhere, she wanted one if we saw it in the store.  She was a pig loving kid! So I knew we would really enjoy our Tot School for Twos farm unit on pigs.

There was just one hitch to making her sensory bin for the week: I couldn’t find pigs for it.  Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simple Sailboat Craft and Activity

We are constantly looking for activities to entertain our toddler while staying indoors because the summer heat here is pretty oppressive (it was in the 120s recently).  So this activity was a perfect way to keep our little one entertained and cool.  She worked diligently on building her sailboat and then spent hours (HOURS) in the bathtub playing with it!  Continue Reading

Growing Up

A Birthday Band

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you may have noticed our G’s love for headbands.  She is kind of obsessed with them.  I do not put them on her.  She puts them on herself.  But I do think it is adorable.

The night before her second birthday I was thinking about her and what she loves when I suddenly had a lightbulb moment.  I came up with a way for her to celebrate her birthday and make a headband to wear.

The morning of her birthday, I got up and put together the supplies for the project and waited for her to wake up to do it (of course, she slept in!).  Here is what we did: Continue Reading

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