Painting Pigs

pig paint


When G was very young (like 7 months) she suddenly grew an intense attachment to a small stuffed pig we had.  She carried it with her everywhere, she slept with it, she teethed on it.  And thus a love affair with all things pig started.  She spotted them everywhere, she wanted one if we saw it in the store.  She was a pig loving kid! So I knew we would really enjoy our Tot School for Twos farm unit on pigs.

There was just one hitch to making her sensory bin for the week: I couldn’t find pigs for it.  We had lots of stuffed pigs and some piggy banks, but we did not have any pig suitable for sensory play.  So, we made our own!

And we used things that were lying around the house!  Here’s what we did:


  • used egg carton (cut into individual cups)
  • paint (we used washable)
  • paintbrushes
  • googly eyes


We didn’t have any pink paint, so we mixed a little white paint into purple to make a perfectly pink paint.

pig paint

We painted the outside (and some of the inside) of the egg cups with our pink paint.

painting pigs2

painting pigs3

When the paint was dry on the cups, we stuck the googly eyes on.


This was such a simple craft, but they turned very useful when we added them to our sensory bin.  They were perfect scoops for the mud and hay in our pig sty!.

I can’t wait to show you what other piggy things we have been up to!

painting pigs pin

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  1. Stacie K.

    Can you do chickens soon so I can come dye eggs in the bathtub with her again before Easter? : )
    I love this whole pic project….even the mud.

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