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We are halfway through our 28 Days to Hope Challenge!  Are you starting to see or feel a small amount of hope for your home.  Are you enjoying the freedom the tasks in your kitchen are giving you?  Yea! Job well done.

Are you feeling a bit discouraged because you only swept the kitchen one time last week?  That’s OK.  There is always this week to get back on track and keep going! Are you feeling like there is not much of an impact on your home yet and are you frustrated by the clutter still piling up in other parts of your home? Let’s keep going and we shall see how you feel in the next couple of weeks.

But let’s talk a little bit about what Dana White talks about in her book on this day:

Wow Factor

This post contains affiliate links.  I get a small remuneration when you click and make a purchase.  No pressure, I just bring you items I think you will love.

WOW projects!  Are you tempted to only clean when there is a large impact, a big ta-dah at the end of it?  Are you looking for someone to be just as excited about you doing the dishes as they are about your brand new organization system for your closet?

First, I would say this: The little things are the big things in your house!  If you need encouragement on that front, please consider joining our Hope for Homemakers group on Facebook. We celebrate the little things of our days with one another and there is much encouragement to be found there.

Second, there’s this: The “small” tasks we are making habits this month are what free us up to do the bigger, show-off tasks during the rest of the day.  We have gotten these habits down to a small chunk of our day instead of an hours long process once or twice a week. Now we can decide what bigger projects we want to accomplish and get them done.

This weekend, I challenged you to de-clutter one area of your kitchen.  How did you do?  I ended up being on the phone for over an hour with one of our service providers, giving me the opportunity to unload my dishwasher, rinse dishes, and de-clutter part of my cabinets that had been bothering me.  It is not exactly a ta-dah project, but because I didn’t have a sink full of dishes and a dirty kitchen floor, I was able to get it done.

What did you get done this weekend? What are the ta-dah kind of projects you can plan on doing because you have your basic tasks/habits completed?  I am starting a series in the month of October called Tackling Tasks.  I will be attempting to write each day about the small projects that have been lingering in my house for months (and years).  I would love for you to join me as I set simple goals and hope to make steady progress in my home.  I am only able/ready to do this because of the habits we have been working on through this book.

OK assignment time: do your daily habits from last week and add today’s new habit, clean up clutter in your bathrooms (all of them).  I would love to see before and afters (you can make them blurry if you want!) on Instagram or Facebook.  I think this will be a big project with a ta-dah result…at least around here it will be!

This post contains affiliate links.  I get a small remuneration when you click and make a purchase.  No pressure, I just bring you items I think you will love.

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