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It’s Tuesday morning again and I have Bible study to get ready for, so I will make today’s post brief.

How did you do with your first day of clearing clutter in your bathrooms?  I got to all 4 of my bathrooms.  A couple only took a minute or two (it was tempting to wipe down the counters, too), but a couple of them had a bit more clutter to clean up.  But as I did this process, I thought, “There is no way these bathrooms are going to get this messy in one day.”  We shall see what they look like when I make the rounds today.  If they aren’t bad, I might get inspired to wipe down the counters or swish the toilets.

Let’s keep on track though today, if you get nothing else done today, try to get these tasks done.  If you get through these and want to do more, go for it!  It will just make the next day in your home easier!

Here’s your list for this week!  28 Days to Hope Challenge Week 3Happy homemaking!

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