Homemaking on the Weekend

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working for the weekendYea!  Another weekend is upon us!  But with our brand new “habits” we can have the freedom to enjoy the weekend with our family and not have a nightmare to clean up come Monday morning.  Right?

Or are you planning on taking the weekend off of your household habits?

It can be pretty tempting to slack off on the weekends.  I, personally have had the idea that if my husband is home (“off-work”) then I am off-work, too.  But I realize that this is not true! AND it leaves me more work to do when he goes back to work.  Creating that cycle of messy/clean/messy/clean that I am not so fond of.

Thankfully, the way we have been maintaining our homes (at least our kitchens) in this past couple of weeks has helped to keep the amount of time I am “working” on the weekend to a minimum.  Though I have not been perfect on doing the tasks each day, I find that because I have been more consistent, it doesn’t take me as long to complete my tasks (even when I am getting back on track).

The tasks this weekend are just the same as they were yesterday: dishes, sweeping, wiping down the counters.  Are you going to keep them up this weekend?  Good!  I am glad we won’t have a messy kitchen confronting us on Monday morning.

Here’s a challenge for extra credit: de-clutter one thing in your kitchen this weekend.  Choose something that has been bothering you: the countertop, the utensil drawer, your junk drawer, your refrigerator, the cabinet under your sink.  Don’t forget to take before and after pictures and share them on Instagram (#hopeforhome), the Simple.Home.Blessings. wall or in the Hope for Homemakers group.

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