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bedside table box

Since getting evening and morning routines going is so important to me right now, it would be helpful for it to be an organized process.  I took a look at my bedside table and could tell why I was having such a hard time starting and keeping an evening routine.  I didn’t even want to turn on the light on the table to read because it was such a clutter mess!

I thought I would get my bedside table back in order and give my evening routine the organized nudge it needs to get implemented nightly.

I know you want to see the before, so here it is.  Ack!

bedside table before

I basically removed everything from the table and started from scratch asking myself what things I need on my table to help me get my evening routine accomplished each night.  Only the things I truly need at my bedside are there now.  And the list is small:

  • An alarm clock (this almost didn’t make it back on the table because I use my cell phone as my alarm clock, but I kept it so I could know what time it was at a glance)
  • my nook (inside case)
  • pens (inside box)
  • a to-do list book (inside box)
  • a journal and a calendar (inside box)

That’s it!  And it feels so much fresher.  Having an organized bedside makes me want to do the things I need to do at night and then drift off to sleep thinking of how lovely (at least) one part of my home is.

bedside table box

The details:

My nook – oh my – my husband pushed and prodded me into buying this, but I am so glad I upgraded!  I can read the books I love to read (usually large tomes) without hurting my hands.  I can get my favorite magazine subscription on it.  And I can get on the internet and do some small tasks for the blog on it!  LOVE it!

3-Piece Hadley Book Box Set

I purchased the box from Target in the office supply section (brand: Room Essentials), though I really am dreaming of having something a bit more lovely.  The price and the function were right, so I went with it. I am hoping for something a little more like the ones above from Joss and Main.

The to-do list book is from May Designs and I LOVE it.  All of their notebooks are completely customizable, so you get what you need and the look you want.  I got mine through my subscription to PopSugar Must Have box (which is such fun – thanks to my husband!) .

I have a set of colored pens, because I like to write in different colors for different tasks while I am planning.  Yes, I am that person.

And that’s it!

bedside table organization

Are you looking to start and maintain an evening routine?  Have you considered organizing your bedside table with that routine in mind?  I would love to hear from you/challenge you to do this with me and share the results with me on Simple.Home.Blessings Facebook page or in the Hope for Homemakers group.  I can’t wait to hear about and see your organized bedside tables!

Bedside Table Makeover

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