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The EVERY Night Toddler Sleep Solution



We have tried it all…all of it.  We have tried singing lullabies. We have tried the Jo Frost solution – um…sorry that one really didn’t work.  We have tried punishments (oh, that one is awful!).  We tried essential oils.  We tried massage.  We did it all.

A. L. L.

We even tried that new “magical” book  – the second night she refused to listen to it.  And nothing helped our oldest toddler get to bed easily.  She is a fighter.  She is always up and ready to go.  She’s the one who gets a full 40 minutes and is ready to go for the rest of the night.  So, I am always on the hunt for the next toddler sleep solution.  And I will try just about anything.

But, I finally came up with a sleep routine that helps my toddler wind down enough to be still and [most nights] get to sleep quickly. Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simply Get Awesome Photos & GIFs of your Kids

tutorial for creating awesome photos and GIFs of your Kids

I am not even close to what I would call a photographer, but I have fallen in love with taking pictures of my family.  But my girls are ACT-IVE, I mean constantly on the move.  And getting great photos of my kids that capture their true essence is really difficult.  I either get the cheesy smile, or a blurry shot of a kid running out of the frame.

But I discovered a really simple way to get awesome photos of my girls without taking a fancy photography class, buying a crazy piece of equipment or spending any money really!  And I kind of thought everybody knew about it until I was sharing it with some family over the holidays.  Even my blogging-savvy sister-in-law didn’t know how to do it and messaged me a couple of days later to find out how I did it.  That’s when I decided I would share the simple way to get amazing photos of your kids here in an easy tutorial. Continue Reading

Pennies from Heaven

Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs For Tots

Favorite Frugal Disney Souvenirs for Toddlers

We were recently blessed with the gift of 3 Day passes to Disneyland and California Adventure and were so excited to take our girls with family.  We took them in March and then again at the beginning of June to celebrate family birthdays.  Like I said we were blessed with these tickets (they are not cheap!).  But even with free admission, a trip to Disney can be hard on the wallet.  And going with little ones can make for lots of “Can I have this?” all day.  But after we got home from the park, I started to realize just what our toddlers valued as mementos or souvenirs for the day.  And I was surprised to find out what they love and play with are not the most expensive things.  In fact some of them are FREE! Continue Reading

Growing Up

Toddler Tip Thursday: Folding Bedclothes


I have a hard time calling what one wears to bed, “pajamas.”  I didn’t grow up calling them that.  I didn’t realize this was odd until I got to college.  After months of telling my roommates I was “going to do my hygiene and put on my bedclothes,” they busted out laughing one night.  They told me that no one says those things when talking about getting ready for bed.

Oh, well!

I am raising our girls to know both pajamas and bedclothes, but it does warm my heart when my little one says, “I don’t want to put on day clothes, Mama. I want to keep my bedclothes on.”

Regardless of what we mamas call them, keeping up with bedclothes can be a chore unto themselves.  As kids get older, they get pajama sets.  And keeping up with the tops and bottoms can be difficult.  And the result of our struggles usually ends up with mismatched bedclothes (not that it is a horrible thing) which can lead to clothes with uneven wear and fading (again, not a MAJOR concern.  But still!).

I have a little trick I use for folding bedclothes to keep them both together AND neat.  The method I use makes good use of the limited space we have for our girls (remember our shared closet for our girls?).

Continue Reading

Growing Up

Simple Pumpkin Decorations

We are getting going on our pumpkin fun this fall and we have a couple of those dollar pumpkin candy pails.  G loves playing with these and keeps one of them around almost year round.  I have lots of ideas for how to play with these, but we hit on an impromptu activity when some Thanksgiving stickers made an appearance in our house.

G was so excited to have the stickers that before I even knew it, every one in the house had a sticker on his/her shirt.  I thought fast and redirected her decorative talents toward the pumpkin pails and she was happy to decorate the pumpkin with her stickers.

At G’s age stickers are very fun, but they are a fine motor challenge.  Continue Reading

Nest Building

A Toddler Drink Station

This entry is part 2 of 22 in the series Tackling Tasks

I have been frustrated by a couple of things since our oldest became a toddler in regards to kid cups, plates, bowls, straws, sippy cups, et. al.  And the frustration will multiply in about a month (another toddling soon), if I don’t do something about it.

1. Why do none, and I mean none of the cups that say spill-proof or leak-proof, actually follow-up on that promise?  Is there not a standard in regards to false advertizing being violated here?

2. What do I do with all this JUNK?  We moved into our house long before we brought kids home and I set up my kitchen to hold what my husband and I needed.  I didn’t realize I would need what amounts to a whole shelving system in my kitchen just for kids.

I do realize there is almost nothing I can do about frustration #1, but I can work on a system for frustration #2.  I have just been putting it off for some time. Continue Reading