Simple Pumpkin Decorations

pumpkin decorations with stickers - fine motor fun

We are getting going on our pumpkin fun this fall and we have a couple of those dollar pumpkin candy pails.  G loves playing with these and keeps one of them around almost year round.  I have lots of ideas for how to play with these, but we hit on an impromptu activity when some Thanksgiving stickers made an appearance in our house.

G was so excited to have the stickers that before I even knew it, every one in the house had a sticker on his/her shirt.  I thought fast and redirected her decorative talents toward the pumpkin pails and she was happy to decorate the pumpkin with her stickers.

At G’s age stickers are very fun, but they are a fine motor challenge.  As such, I try to make it easier for her by peeling the blank parts of the sticker page away from the stickers.  This way she can get to the stickers a little bit easier.  I have also found that holding the sheet of stickers up off of a flat surface for her, helps her to get the stickers off the page faster and with less frustration.

toddler sticker tip

This is another simple pumpkin activity that G asked for over and over.  I am so glad the Thanksgiving sticker book has almost 400 stickers in it!

These particular stickers were educational for G because her concepts of Thanksgiving are still being developed.  We were able to teach her new words (my personal favorite: cornucopia) and talk about all the things we saw related to Thanksgiving.  We were also able to work on letter recognition and phonics.  It is amazing what kids can learn through such simple activities!

pumpkin decorations

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  1. This is a really cute idea! My daughter has been really into stickers lately so I will have to get her some Halloween and Thanksgiving ones. I never thought of using them to teach about a holiday before, this is really great!!

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