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During our Summer Term series, I have been sharing the changes we make in our home during our Summer Term. I have also been sharing the things I am focusing on getting accomplished this summer. At the top of our list is our Bible study.

Over the past few years (yes, years), we have s-l-o-w-l-y worked through our Inductive Study for Kids of the Gospel of John. It is a verse-by-verse walk through the Scriptures utilizing the tools of Bible study I have used for years.

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Despite my failings in making this a priority in the past, my kids have remembered SO much of the content we have studied! Somehow, through all the imperfections of life, my kids have hidden the Word of God in their hearts! There is nothing better than this.

If you are just hearing about our Inductive Study, welcome! There is a LOT of stuff for you to read! So I am going to keep this post super short. Here is a list to catch you up:

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