Your Guide to Getting Started with Inductive Bible Study for Kids

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a starter's guide for teaching kids to study the bible with the inductive method

Quite possibly the greatest joy of my homeschooling years has been teaching my kids about God. Spending time in his Word, learning a catechism or a Bible verse, praying with them, and pointing them in His direction – these are the moments I will treasure as they start to spread their wings to leave this little nest we have so carefully tended.

I know I am not alone in the desire to teach my kids from the Bible. It is a question I find often in my homeschool groups on Facebook: “What is a good Bible study for…” Each mom is hoping for that little something to unlock her child’s soul, to make him want to study the Word of God for the rest of his days.

I often see these questions, and yet I rarely comment on them. The answer I have is a bit too mundane. So much so, that it may appear I am being sarcastic in my answer.

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The Bible – that’s the best Bible study!

No, I am not joking. But I do realize that not all of us were discipled when we became believers in Christ. Not every one of us understands how to do Bible study. And many of us don’t believe we have the time for “real” Bible study. (Psst…I can assure you, you do!)

I started writing some posts about Inductive Bible study for kids a number of years ago. And though we hardly ever get anywhere in our study (we are still in the 3rd chapter of John!), these posts are the posts I get the most comments on, the most emails about, and the most requests for MORE!

And I get requests for a printable version.

Let me tell you a little secret about those posts. I never thought anyone would actually use them to teach their kids. Actually I had to go back afterwards to modify them because I realized people were teaching from them. I just wrote them down as a sort of journal of our Bible study times (which I treasured, as I said before).

But honestly, they were my outlet for Bible teaching.

My Bible Study Background

Years ago, before I had four rambunctious kids running around my house, there was a lot of quiet in our home. My husband would get up and head out to work at about 7 each morning. And I would get up, prepare my coffee, and sit down to my Inductive Bible study. I usually had 2 to 3 going at the same time. I simply could not get enough of studying the Bible. Often, I would look up around noon and realize I hadn’t come away from my Bible study yet.

Oh, those were some glorious days!

A couple of years before we had our first baby I started leading Precept Upon Precept Bible studies in my home and in our community. I was able to lead for over five years, until God made it clear I was needed at home to homeschool and guide my little ones.

While I led Bible studies, I also invited women who had never done inductive Bible study before into my home to teach them how to do it. I absolutely loved showing my Bible study friends how to dig into the Bible for themselves!

Here’s a bit more about why I study the Bible Inductively.

Inductive Study for Kids

Since this blog is a chronicle of the things that go on in this house, I share the things that are blessings to us. I enjoy them, yes; but I started this blog to bless one person at a time. Thus, when I started sharing Inductive Study for Kids here, I was shocked at the response. Emails and comments trickle in, questions, requests. So, I am committed to bringing more Inductive Study for Kids resources to you.

In that commitment, I spent some time writing down the very basics of teaching inductive Bible studies to kids. What resulted was a starter guide for you. It is called Inductive Study for Kids: A Simple Dialectical Approach to the Word.

I hope it will be a blessing for parents who are looking to study the Bible with their kids, while giving them the tools to last a lifetime. I truly believe Inductive Bible study is the most profitable way to understand Scripture. And I pray this simple guide will help you get started.

You can get it when you sign up here below. I will not put you on some crazy mailing list and send you lots of emails. In fact, you may wish I sent out more! I will just be able to alert you when other resources become available.


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a starter's guide for teaching kids to study the bible with the inductive method

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