Simple Sticky Mosaic Easter Eggs

simple sticky mosaic Easter egg art project for kids

This week I have been sharing our latest Easter egg decorating adventures.  And today is our last one.  This was the most hands on of the activities for the girls and the most messy.  But our previous two egg projects were extremely low mess, so I feel like I got away with something by not having a crazy mess this year.  I love this simple idea for decorating Easter eggs: Sticky Mosaic Easter Eggs.

It took only a few minutes to throw together this activity for our girls.  And as always, they couldn’t wait to see what we were going to do next!

Here’s how we did it:

I gathered some supplies from the Dollar Spot at Target to help (a set of fake Easter eggs, a small container of Mod Podge, some foam brushes) and cut up some tissue paper we had on hand.  I put the tissue paper into a box we had on hand.

Mosaic Easter Eggs - a simple art project for kids

I set the girls up with the Mod Podge on a plate and a foam brush for each of them.  And showed them how to put the “glue” all over the egg – this is the sticky part.

Simple Mosaic Easter Egg activity

Once they had glue over the entire surface of the egg (with a little bit of help from me), they tossed their egg into the box with the confetti and did the shake, rattle, and roll routine.  This helped the egg to get coated with a healthy layer of tissue paper shards.

Simple Mosaic Easter Egg activity

Since the paper on the eggs stuck out in all directions, I put the eggs into the palm of my hand and pressed the eggs gently to get the paper to lay down.

Simple Mosaic Easter Egg activity

The eggs turned out beautifully!

Mosaic Easter Eggs - a fun and simple craft for kids

We have had so much fun this year playing with different ideas for decorating Easter eggs.  It is always fun to try something new and unique with my girls.  They DO love a project!  And they are the inspiration for all our activities.


What are you doing with your kids this year to decorate Easter eggs?  

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Mosaic Easter eggs art project for kids


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