Fizzy Easter Egg Activity for Tots

Simple Fizzy Easter Egg project

A couple of years ago we had a great time working on a MESSY way to decorate Easter eggs.  It is one of my most popular posts this time of year – probably because it looks like such fun!  So Aunt Stacie asked if she could come over and decorate Easter eggs the same way with the girls this year.  But I kind of like to try new things, so I promised we could do it, but we would try something new.  And this was less messy and still LOTS of fun.   Our activity was inspired by Toddler Approved’s Volcano Egg Dying activity.

I really like this project because it was a good fine motor activity for W (2 years old) and involved painting with paint brushes for G (3 years old).  And the fizzy part is just fun to watch.  Our girls have almost no idea what a volcano is, so the volcano discussion was really short-lived and we talked about fizzy eggs!

Easter Egg Activity for Toddlers

I mixed up some paints in four colors using baking soda, water, and food coloring.  And gathered together hard-boiled eggs and paintbrushes.  We did our activity in our sensory bin for preschool.  Toddler Approved gives lots of great details on how to do the project, but I noticed a couple of things as we were going along and modified the activity slightly to make it work for us.

Here’s what we did to make it work for our toddlers.  I noticed that the girls were not able to get a lot of the baking soda on the eggs with the paintbrushes.  After they were finished with the painting process, I sprinkled the eggs with baking soda before I added the drops of food coloring (as directed in Toddler Approved’s post).  Then to up the fizzy ante, I put a mound of baking soda in the middle of the sensory bin and stacked the eggs around the mound.

And then we added the vinegar!  Boy was this fun!

simple fizzy Easter egg activity for tots

The colors are very vivid, but I did notice that when I started to rinse the eggs, as directed, most of the color went away and faded to a light pink.  Does anyone have any idea how to keep the colors bold like they were when we finished?

What fun ways do you have for decorating Easter eggs?  I would love to hear them so we can try something new next year!

Fizzy Easter Egg activity for tots

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