Spin Art Easter Eggs

Spin Art Easter Eggs - such beauty from a FUN activity!

We have been decorating Easter eggs for a few years now.  And each year we have tried something different.  It is in my nature to always be trying new things.  I am likely passing this down to my kids.  And I suppose they will come to expect something new and different each year.  Thankfully, there are TONS of ways to decorate Easter eggs.  I did a little brainstorming this year and came up with three different ways to decorate Easter eggs with our toddler/preschool girls.  First up was spin art Easter eggs.

For the first idea, I wanted something that was not as big of a mess as one of our previous year’s attempts, but was still engaging and interactive for the girls.  Let’s be real: I wanted to WOW them!

And what we ended up doing really did wow them!  And it was almost completely mess-free!

We tossed those boiled eggs (one at a time) into a salad spinner, loaded with simple food coloring, a few drops of vinegar, and a little bit of water.  And we gave those babies a spin! Spin Art Easter Eggs - in a salad spinner


Now our salad spinner is one of those cheap ones from Ikea.  And it is a hand crank one – not one of the press-down ones.  So our activity also had the added benefit of working on the girls’ motor skills.  Since the crank was actually hard to work, the girls had to exert some effort to get it to spin.

Spin Art Easter eggs - a fun project for preschoolers & toddlers


Their efforts were well rewarded with the vision of an egg raising up (through the power of centrifugal force) in the basket and getting dashed along the way with beautiful colors picked out by them.

Taking the lid off the salad-spinner and checking on the result of the spinning was fun, too!

Spin Art Easter eggs - a fun project for preschoolerstoddlers

And then we started doing some experiments.  Do we need to make it go faster or slower to get more dye on the eggs?  Let’s try it! spin art Easter eggs - so FUN!

It was neat to see the result of the spinning.  It was even more fun to allow the girls to decide when the eggs were “done.”  Should we spin them a few more times, or do you like the way it looks?  I really love the decisions they made, as the eggs turned out beautiful!


Spin Art Easter eggs - a fun project for preschoolers and toddlers


We have two more ways for decorating Easter eggs we did this year.  We will be sharing them later this week!

How are you decorating your Easter eggs this year?

Spin Art Easter eggs - a fun project for preschoolers and toddlers

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  1. OMG. I need a salad spinner now! This looks so much fun that I might need to do it by myself first! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with Everything Kids.

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