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Baby’s First 4th of July, Sensory Play

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simple sensory play for babies for the 4th of July

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With Independence Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to create a fun patriotic activity for W – this will be our baby’s first 4th of July!  Babies are so interested in tasting everything we put in front of them.  And our baby REALLY loves yogurt – a LOT!  So I thought I would create a fun activity for her to experience the most basic parts of the fourth of july: red, white, and blue, and stars! 

This is what we did:

Baby Sensory “Fireworks”


Baby Sensory Fireworks


For W (8 months old), we wrapped the insert for her high chair with foil.  Then we laid a little bit of baby yogurt in the middle and added a couple drops each of red and blue food coloring.  We sprinkled a few puffs (star-shaped) on the side.  Then we put it in front of her and she had a wonderful time playing, eating, smiling, and giggling.

Baby Sensory Fireworks 2

This was a truly multi-sensory experience for her!  She could taste and feel the yogurt.  She could also hear the crinkling of the foil as she ran her fingers over the tray.  And she saw colors created as she ran her hands through the yogurt.

Baby Sensory Fireworks 3

She LOVED this!  If there is one thing our W loves, it is eating (I have never seen a more enthusiastic eater!).  She even put her head down as far as she could to scoop the yogurt into her mouth.

Baby Sensory Fireworks 4


This was such a fun simple activity for her!  And I have a feeling we will be doing this again for other holidays.  And I have a feeling almost every baby would enjoy doing this for baby’s first 4th of July!

Are you celebrating this July 4th?  What are you planning on doing with your babies? 


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