Fuss-Free Diaper Changing Tips

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Simple Tips for Fuss-Free Diaper changesHave you ever noticed when diaper changes are depicted on TV and in movies, the baby just lays there cooing and smiling whilst mama (with appropriately soothing voice) sings? Or, if it is a comedy, the baby pees (or poops) with diaper open (insert laughter)?  Yeah. Right.

If your babies are like mine, they have battle plans ready to execute at a moment’s notice.  They have strategies that include squirming and screaming, twisting and tantrums, standing and streaking.  They are against all diaper changes and anything resembling a diaper change and will struggle for their freedom.  Why?  Who knows?!  They want to be naked, they want to be clean, they want to be DONE with the diaper changing.  And so do we!

And this time of year, diaper changes can be even more difficult to accomplish.  There are so many things to look at and explore.  There are so many more things our little ones would rather be doing than a diaper change.  The lights, the tree, the ornaments, the nativity scene on that table mom said is off-limits!  It can get pretty stressful for parents just to get a child through a simple 60 second process!


I have some Strategies for Fuss-Free Diaper Changes during the holiday season (and throughout the year).  Hopefully they will help keep little ones in a good holiday mood.  And keep mom and dad sane during the busy time of year!

Be prepared.

Having diapers and wipes on hand may seem like a no-brainer, but when things are hectic during the holidays, we can suddenly find ourselves out of diapers.  The call goes out, “Can you bring me some more diapers and wipes?”  And the answer: “We are out!  I thought we had more!” Making sure you have what you need for diaper changes before you need it is so important! (More on how we stay ready for diaper changes in a minute.)

Have a diaper and wipe(s) ready before you grab your little one.

Even if you don’t do diaper changes in the same place every time, having your diaper and wipe(s) ready to go when you start helps keep the process quick.  Some people lay out the diaper before laying baby down on it, but I have not had good success with this (sometimes it ends up with TWO messy diapers).  Instead, I open the diaper and set it within reach, ready to quickly lay under baby once she is free and clean of the other diaper.

Sing a song.

Sing a tune that lasts about a minute and is upbeat and happy.  During the holidays we are singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”  During the rest of the year we sing all sorts of songs, including the ABCs.

Have a basket of toys, books, or rattles close by.

Distraction is the name of this game.  Changing up which toy she gets to play with during diaper changes will keep her interested for the short amount of time it takes to change a diaper. Babies are interested in different things depending on the day and the time of day.  Having a small selection of items to easily entertain your little one for a short amount of time, ensures there is always something he will be interested in.

Use visual cues to let them know when you are done and they are free to go.

We use our baby sign language signs for “all done” and “come here” when we are done with diaper changes.  This lets our littlest one know she can jump and run.

 wren diaper change

As I mentioned in tip number one, parents have to be prepared for diaper changes.  And we need something convenient and reliable.  That’s why I am a devoted CVS shopper.  Our closest store is literally 5 minutes away and they carry all the last-minute essentials we need year-round (including the holidays).  I love being able to get all necessities our babies need quickly.  Even better, they have the best diapers, Pampers, available all the time.

We started using Pampers diapers with our girls in the hospital and love them.  They have the technology that makes them less likely to leak (a plus for us) and less likely to give our girls diaper rashes (because they are drier than other diapers). We also love the Pampers Sensitive Wipes for our girls because they are so soft!

The combination of CVS and Pampers and these tips for Fuss-Free Diaper Changes should make the holidays go smoother this year!

Are you in need of some help this holiday season?  CVS and Pampers have generously provided a giveaway of diapers and wipes to one of my readers!  Yea!  Please fill out the raffle below and let me know what you do to stay sane during the holiday season with your little ones.

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  1. Julie

    Online shopping instead of braving the mall!

  2. Laura @ Lalymom

    We’ve always used pampers too, and I have a very squirmy, fussy diaper-changing baby right now! For the holidays we got with a one-finger-touch rule for ornaments, and the kids each have ONE unbreakable ornament that they can take off and put on as they wish.

  3. Jennifer Waldon

    I leave wipes and diapers in the living room so I always have them on hand.
    I’ve also found Pampers are the only ones that last through the night. No more waking up to accidents!

  4. Rachel

    We haven’t gotten out many decorations yet this year. It may just be that we’re all sleep-deprived and busy, but we don’t spend every second saying “don’t touch!” either.

  5. Amarilys

    great tips! Will sure come in handy once my little one comes next April!

    1. ussleah

      Congrats, Amarilys! So fun!

  6. kirsten

    we pray;)

    1. ussleah

      Yea for prayer! We SO need it all year long!

  7. Tracy

    To stay sane I have Mommy Time where I get a bit of time by myself and do what “I” want to do!

    1. ussleah

      It is so necessary sometimes, Tracy! Merry Christmas!

  8. Jessica Beard

    I shop online while my kids take their naps. I start early in the fall too.

  9. Tracy

    Would love to win, something used these for all my children want to pass down to my much awaited grandchild.

  10. Janet

    The distractions really work well with my daughter, though they have to be different from what she played with a few minutes before because she gets bored so easily!

  11. stephanie

    i shop online

  12. Allison Downes

    I shop online to stay sane during the holidays. Thank you for having such a nice giveaway!

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