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Simple Summer Activities – Inspiration for the days ahead

Yesterday, I shared with you about my goal to be more present in my everyday life.  It has been something I have been striving for as this summer begins and as I have entered the second trimester of this pregnancy (and have gained a little more energy for the day).  And the easiest way for me to be more present as a mom is to challenge myself to engage in one simple summer activity each day with my girls.  One. Simple. Act.  The one time a day when I put away all the excess and the other tasks and focus simply on having fun with my girls. Continue Reading

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A Simple Indian Summer Playdate

Everybody is talking fall already, but we live in the desert so we can count on another month or two (maybe three) of summer before the temps start to really fall (all the way to the 70s!).  So I thought I would share a little summer end play date idea.

I wanted to give the kids a fun activity to do without getting messy so we set up a clean finger painting station on a plastic yellow table-cloth taped to the floor.  I have seen this idea just about everywhere on Pinterest and it actually took a long time for me to understand just how it worked. Continue Reading

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Wiffle Ball Painting

We are in the midst of a week all about balls in this house.  We have been playing “hall ball,” talking round and bouncing all over the place. We have also been searching high and low for circles and balls and I thought it would be fun to create some art while we were at it.  And I am in love with the results.

Since I am not a very artistic person, my daughter is helping me to develop my art muscle (it is there, I am sure).  I like to do “process art” with her because the results are completely open-ended, but she gets the experience of creating something beautiful.  And this fun project was so messy and active!   Continue Reading

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Simple Sailboat Craft and Activity

We are constantly looking for activities to entertain our toddler while staying indoors because the summer heat here is pretty oppressive (it was in the 120s recently).  So this activity was a perfect way to keep our little one entertained and cool.  She worked diligently on building her sailboat and then spent hours (HOURS) in the bathtub playing with it!  Continue Reading

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Baby’s First 4th of July, Sensory Play

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With Independence Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to create a fun patriotic activity for W – this will be our baby’s first 4th of July!  Babies are so interested in tasting everything we put in front of them.  And our baby REALLY loves yogurt – a LOT!  So I thought I would create a fun activity for her to experience the most basic parts of the fourth of july: red, white, and blue, and stars!  Continue Reading

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Sunshine Stickies


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A lot of our summer activities must be done indoors due to the massive heat of the desert!  It makes for odd summer and winter activities.  We get to go to the park in January and have to stay indoors for July.  Here is a simple activity that can be done indoors on a really hot summer day or even a rainy day.

I found some window clings at the store on clearance a while back and saved them for G’s birthday week (you can also find them at the dollar store in lots of different themes).  I put them up this morning while she was finishing her breakfast and she could not wait to play with them. Continue Reading