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You may have seen a very popular Instagram photo last year of my kids’ geography project from one of the Harbor + Sprout collections.  It’s probably a top ten favorite activity from last year for us.  

I like to think of Harbor + Sprout as my pocket homeschool resource.  I have a subscription to their Unit Studies which comes out each month.  Once I get a new unit, I take the time to figure out where I can use the resources inside, and then I put them in my pocket for use with our CC Cycles.   

More on how I deal with massive downloads here.

This post may include affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase based on my recommendation, I get a small remuneration at no extra expense to you. I only recommend things I use and believe to be a blessing.

This summer they rocked it with unit studies on Astronomy, Oceanography, and Tropical Ecology.  Each of these will come in handy during Cycle 2 this year.   Plus –  August is Meteorology!  Again, very timely.

Harbor + Sprout’s Unit Studies are regularly $30 & usually have well over 500 pages of materials (each unit!) – WOW!  

But if you sign-up for their monthly subscription, you get each month for $22.  

Oh, and if you are just now hearing about all their wonderfulness, & now you #wantitall, you can catch up with their Upfront package – you get 12 credits to use on any of the Units already out OR save it for the ones you’ve got your eye on. 

psst… You can also take 25% off your first order (including that Upfront package!!) when you use the code BACKTOSCHOOL.

By the way, you may be thinking along the same lines as me when I look at these Pinterest-perfect pictures – “I can’t do that.”  

Friend, I can’t either – I just pick and choose things that work for me.  

BUT, Harbor + Sprout also helps out a ton in the planning department – they provide schedules, planners, etc. to help you use their Unit studies as a complete curriculum.  So you can use them as a supplement (like I do) or you can adventure along with them as a complete homeschool setup.  

Go here to check out Harbor + Sprout’s line-up of Unit Studies.

Alright, CONTEST TIME!  Want to win a Unit Study for your homeschool? Follow the instructions below.

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  1. Michelle

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Mandy

    They all look so beautiful and I don’t know how to choose, haha! I think my girls would love the astronomy.

  3. Brigitte

    These all look amazing. I think I would want to win the Oceonography or the Astronomy Unit Studies!

  4. Rachael

    These unit studies look to cover so much good information! The upcoming Meteorology unit sounds intriguing! Their website has good information for all the options. I look forward to looking deeper into Harbor and Sprout.

  5. Jessica

    These look awesome! So hard to decide which we would want to tackle first- aviation, engineering, forensic science, beekeeping!

  6. Andrea

    Wow thank you for sharing! I’m interested to dive deeper. I’d love it all, haha but I think I’d start with the Visual Arts unit first.

  7. Steph M

    I love the look of their units! Beautiful!

  8. Heather

    These are so beautiful! I think the astronomy unit would be perfect t to go alongside Cycle 2 😍

  9. Courtney

    Such great Ideas to incorporate! Astronomy would be great to work in this cycle.

  10. Danielle

    All of them look so beautiful! Visual Arts and Botany catch my eye, but my kids would probably love Astronomy!

  11. Lorena Suarez

    Love these wonderful these beautiful units!

  12. Charity

    These are all gorgeous! I would choose the English unit, but that Botany unit is beautiful ❤️

  13. Karianne

    Oh this looks like a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ada

    I don’t have an idea; just looking right now. I have yet to determine whether or not as a grandma God is showing me how home schooling could be an option for grand children. Clearly this isn’t up to me but I want to be listening with a heart to obey if He says YES, this is what I mean.

    1. Leah Hudson

      How exciting! I will be praying with you, dear friend! I know lots of grandmothers who homeschool their grandkids.

  15. Christine

    Astronomy would be great to line up with CC this year!

  16. Laura

    Fun giveaway. Would be a fun addition to have. The nature study or the astronomy ones look like my favorite right now.

  17. Bailey

    I have loved their samples that I’ve downloaded. I’d love to try a full unit!

  18. Robin Reina

    Beautiful resource! I’d love to win the arts unit. 🙂

  19. Natasia

    First year home school mom! This would be so helpful!

  20. Andrea D

    I might need to spend more time looking, but Astronomy seems like a great one to start with!

  21. Marcella

    My daughter would love the Oceanography or Meteorology units – they are all beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity

  22. Hannah

    Wow! These unit studies all look amazing. Thank you for sharing this resources with us. Astronomy seems to be topping everyone’s list, including mine! Chemistry would be up there too!

  23. S. Pipes

    Enjoying your blog, especially the Bridge!!!

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