March MAIDness: Day 14 – Deep Cleaning Bedrooms

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a printable deep cleaning checklist for your bedroom. Get your bedroom clean quick with this simple checklist

Deep cleaning has taken over my week! During this week of March MAIDness, I have motivated myself to actually do the deep cleans I have written about. Yesterday I tackled the master bathroom. Today, I will see what I can get accomplished in regards to deep cleaning our master bedroom.

My checklists for deep cleaning have truly come in handy as I have been working this week. Sometimes I can get distracted. Four kids have a way of doing that. As I go through a room, I can check off each box to make sure I am doing what I need to do.

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The Details of My Deep Cleaning

I have already shared my Monday Morning Refresh routine with you. Because of this routine, my master bedroom doesn’t get out of line very often. I do a deep clean of my bedroom about once a month. As with many of my other routines maintenance is the key.

Again, because I don’t have a particularly messy bedroom, deep cleaning it takes less than half an hour. I start, as always, at the top and work down. And I start in the center, work to the perimeter and work clockwise.

My kids’ bedrooms get a deep cleaning about as often as our bedroom. My kids can help out with the tidying up. I go in and do the heavy lifting and deep cleaning. Teamwork!

By the way, I did a challenge a number of years ago about Cleaning Kids’ Rooms. It helped us to maintain the habits of tidiness and routine cleaning.

Preparing for Deep Cleaning in a Bedroom

There is one tiny step which must happen before I start at the center. I remove all the linens in the bedroom – sheets, comforters, blankets, etc. Those get tossed into the laundry for a deep clean of their own. My washing machine has a setting for “Bedding.” That’s the one I choose for my deep clean.

The washing machine can serve as a timer for my deep cleaning in the bedroom. Or maybe two bedrooms. I can get at least a couple of rooms done during that wash cycle.

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms Ceilings & Walls

Since I like to start at the center top of the room and work my way out, I turn off the ceiling fan before I strip the bed. Then I clean the ceiling fan. I only do an intense cleaning of the ceiling fan a few times a year. Here’s a detailed tutorial for that. If it is not time to spring clean the ceiling fan, I simply go over it with a Swiffer or a dry microfiber cloth.

Then I work my way to the perimeter of the room and wipe down the walls. I make sure to clean the baseboards. As with all the other rooms I use a simple soap + water solution to wipe down the walls with a microfiber cloth. This is also the time I make sure to wipe down the light switches and outlets, door handles and doors.

I mentioned before, I have a color coded system for microfiber cloths. To keep track of their use, I use one color for bathrooms, another for living areas, and another color for the kitchen.

Deep Cleaning Bedroom Blinds & Curtains

We have little ones in the house. They have literally ripped every curtain I have installed into bedrooms, save one. So we do not have much to clean in the way of curtains. However, when I am cleaning bedrooms, I take the curtains down and wash them about twice a year. I make sure to purchase machine washable curtains.

The blinds in our bedrooms and the other rooms in our house are all the same. The same procedure I did in the living room applies in the bedrooms.

I tend to dust blinds with a Swiffer on the weeks I am not vacuuming them as part of my vacuum routine. So I kind of take my pick on either Swiffer or vacuum cleaning of the blinds and window frames to remove dust. I follow up the dusting process with the same damp microfiber cloth from before. Going over the blinds when they are closed one way, and then the other usually works for me. A quick wipe down of the window frames and I call it good.

Deep Cleaning Hard & Soft Surfaces in Bedrooms

After the perimeter is taken care of, I work my way around the room addressing all the surfaces. If the surface is hard, I remove all objects and dust. This is a good time for me to consider if I want to put that item back or remove it from the room. I like to a small declutter as I go.

For soft surfaces, like upholstery, I use a vacuum with an attachment to clean them. I wrote a detailed tutorial for that here. To address the mattress, I turn or rotate the mattress on a schedule. If it is time to rotate or turn the mattress, I do so. I also run a vacuum over the surface of the mattress – why not?

Most of our bedrooms also have some sort of upholstered chair. I make sure to clean it according to my routines during the deep clean.

Finishing Up the Deep Clean

I feel like deep cleaning our bedrooms is not too much of a chore! Almost done. All that is left is to make the bed and address the floors.

I love a bed with fresh sheets! And I love a hospital corner. Freshly laundered blankets and duvets practically cause me to swoon. Ha!

I wrote a couple of tutorials related to making beds which you may find helpful:

Once my bed is beautifully made, I have one last thing to clean. The floors in our master bedroom are tile. All I have to do is sweep and mop them. We do, however, have a rug, so I run over that before I sweep and mop. Remember how I lift up the rug in my living room to clean under it? The same process applies here.

The floors in all our other bedrooms are carpeted. All that is required to finish up the bedrooms is a quick up-down and side to side vacuuming.

Whew! That wasn’t so bad, right?

A Deep Cleaning Checklist

Once again, I have a printable checklist for you.  Years of doing this deep clean in my bedroom on a monthly basis have made it routine for me. I have the steps in my mind.

But even I can use some reminders. A checklist has a way of making me feel even more accomplished. So I came up with a checklist for deep cleaning my living room.

I posted the printable deep cleaning versions of my checklists into the Facebook group I started – Simple Homeschooling Blessings. Please request to join for all sorts of encouragement in a small community of like-minded mamas.

Might I suggest that you print it out and laminate it (for real or cheap-o style) and include it in your cleaning bin or bucket.  That way you can check it off with a dry erase marker, erase, and repeat each week, month, or season.


a printable deep cleaning checklist for your bedroom. Get your bedroom clean quick with this simple checklist

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