March MAIDness: Day 18 – Deep Cleaning Bathrooms

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We are creating a nice little collection of printable checklists for deep cleaning in your home.  If you missed them, check them out here and here.

Today, I have another printable checklist for you.  It is for deep cleaning in bathrooms.  Ahh…the dreaded cleaning project.  But after following this list, you may want to run over to a friend’s house just to do it again.  (One can hope, right?)

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Please feel free to share this with friends and family, print one for yourself and hang it on the fridge, pin it, use it, whatever.  I just hope it helps!

Might I suggest that you print it out and laminate it (for real or cheap-o style) and hang it on the fridge, in the pantry, or inside a cabinet.  That way you can check it off with a dry erase marker, erase, and repeat each week, month, or season.

Please stay with me through the week, as I will be bringing you more printables for other areas of your home.  Thanks again for being loyal readers!


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