March MAIDness: Day 6 – Monday (Morning) Refresh

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a simple homemaking routine to start your week with a win - the Monday morning refresh takes just 15 minutes to complete

Happy Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was leisurely and relaxing.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not what anyone would call a morning person, but I am a Monday person.  I love Mondays because they feel like a clean slate.  It feels like there lots of possibilities each Monday.  It feels like a fresh, clean load of laundry just waiting to be folded and put away.

And one of my favorite things to do on a Monday (morning or otherwise, depending on schedule and babies) is a refresh.  I just love to take 15 minutes (you guessed it) and jump-start my cleaning routine for the house in our master bedroom/bathroom area. 

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Monday Morning Refresh – the Details

So here is what I can get done in 15 minutes – yes, I have timed myself:

  • Start a load of laundry in the washing machine (this is a must for Monday morning anyway).
  • Go upstairs and take the bed linens off the bed.
  • Open the windows (either the blinds or the actual windows) to let light and air in.
  • Dust the bed frame, bedside tables, and widows with a swiffer/microfiber.
  • Remove any trash or clutter that built up over the weekend.
  • Make bed, complete with pillows (I don’t do the pillows everyday because my husband does not like it).
  • Wipe down the bathroom counter/put away clutter from the counters.
  • Scrub the toilet.
  • Replace towels.

NOTE: To get all this done in 15 minutes, I make sure I have all the supplies I need (swiffer/microfiber cloth, fresh linens, a trash bag) on hand before starting the timer.

I made a quick little visual list for you. You can print it out and laminate it if you like. That way you can have visual cues to help you until the routine is settled in your schedule.

Why the Monday Morning Refresh works for Me

The Monday Morning Refresh works for me because it is such a quick win to start my week!

I simply love the look of a freshly made bed! Letting light and air into my room at the beginning of the is actually refreshing! Having one small space of my home in order – a place of respite – makes me feel more relaxed, too.

So how about you?  Do you smile at the look of a freshly made bed?  Crave something to help kick-start your cleaning routine around the house for the week?

I encourage you to give my Monday Morning Refresh a try!

a simple homemaking routine to start your week with a win - the Monday morning refresh takes just 15 minutes to complete

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