Making Clean Floors a Habit

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habitI have Bible study this morning (and I am leading!), so this will be very quick!

Today’s challenge is to do what you did yesterday.  If you didn’t do the tasks yesterday, do them today.  These steps are going to start to feel normal…if we do them.

And at the top of this post is something I found on Pinterest for inspiration.

Inspiration for clean floors, right?  Let me know how you are doing.  Leave a comment letting me know how long it takes you to sweep your kitchen floor today.

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  1. evonne

    I didn’t sweep yesterday, it was a tough day. But I had swept Sunday night so didn’t get down on myself too much. Kitchen is really looking nice every day! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Sara

    Hi Leah! I am loving my clean kitchens in the mornings. I have a skinny long kitchen so sweeping isn’t so bad…..done in less than five.

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