When Sweeping is not Just Sweeping

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We are starting week 2 of our 28 Days to Hope for your Home challenge!  How did you do last week?  Did you mostly do the dishes, but forget (or choose to forget) to a couple of nights?  I did pretty good – only one night of no dish duty (I fell asleep before my children did and woke up at 3:30 AM thinking I should go do the dishes).

Regardless of how you did last week, whether you washed the dishes diligently each and every day, or you missed a couple of days, we can still move on this week.  We are going to maintain the habit we have started by continuing to wash the dishes every day (putting away in the morning and washing at night, or throughout the day) AND we are going to add a new habit. 

Dana White’s book 28 Days to Hope for your Home introduces the next habit: sweeping the kitchen.  And she talks about when sweeping is not just sweeping.  For those of us who are less than on-the-ball about picking up and putting away clutter, sweeping is taking things off the floor, putting away the mess, then sweeping the floors.

So, today’s task might take you a little bit longer than it will for the rest of the week because you have to put away last week’s groceries or a mountain of boxes from a shipment you got last week.  Whatever it is, when you pick it up and put it away today, it will be the only time you have to do it this week!  And each day you continue to do this habit it will not take you very long to do it.

Today’s challenge: show me what you are going to clean up before you sweep up your kitchen floors.  Share your pics on Simple.Home.Blessings. Facebook page, on the Hope for Homemakers group wall, or on Instagram (#hopeforhome),  And tell me how long it took you to complete your task.

Let’s get sweeping! Oh, and wash those dishes, too!When Sweeping is not JUST Sweeping

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