Dishwashing, A New Habit

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Welcome to the first day of Hope for Homemakers (I feel like it is the first day of school. I love school!)!  I am so excited and a bit overwhelmed by what we are about to embark upon, but I am so happy you are going to be right here for encouragement.

Have you gotten the book for this month yet?  If you haven’t be sure to pick it up.  These posts will be longer than her entries, most days; so if you want the less wordy version, read hers!  Here it is again:

28daystoHope250Are you ready for your first assignment?  It is so simple, but may seem a bit daunting:

Clean the dishes…all the dirty ones, at least.

If you are blessed with a dishwasher (thank God for modern conveniences!), get to loading it up.

If you filled up your dishwasher and you still have more dishes, get to hand washing.

And if your sink is not big enough,  get out the kiddie pool and the hose and put those kids to work (they should earn their keep, right?).

My challenge to you today is to take a before and an after picture of your work.  I want to see those dirty dishes and messy sinks transform into sparkling dishes and EMPTY sinks.

Here is my before: Hope for Homemakers, 28 Days to Hope day 1 beforeYep, there is my messy sink in all it’s un-retouched glory.

Bonus challenge: estimate the amount of time it is going to take you to do this task before you begin it, then record how long it takes you to actually do it.  And here’s the encouragement: even if you are way off on your estimate and it takes you 30 minutes longer than you thought, it will never take you this long to do the dishes again (unless you invite everyone in the neighborhood over and no one offers to help clean up)!

How about that?!  We are going to create new habits this month and we are starting with the dishes.  Your kitchen will never again be the bane of your existence – that’s hope (for homemakers!)!

You can follow along with me on Instagram #hopeforhome to see my pics.  Or you can post your pics on the facebook group Hope for Homemakers or on my wall.  I can’t wait to see the results!

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