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Oh, my this is already a whirlwind week and I haven’t made it through Tuesday.  Working on so many things at once can be frazzling.  So, I was tempted (and I mean ultra-tempted) to blow off doing the dishes last night and head to bed.  Who would know, right?

But I dragged myself back downstairs and washed every last dirty before I did anything else in my mound of things to be done.  And you know what?  I loved it!

I loved waking up to a clean sink and clean dishes!  And no one else saw or noticed, but it brought me peace of mind.  It also gave me something to do while the coffee brewed this morning: put away clean dishes.  Don’t you love the look of an empty dishwasher? 

Hope for Homemakers 28 Days to Hope, Day 1

And again my mind was clearer and I had many a brainstorm whilst scrubbing those dishes.  By the way, the shot from above is my dishes from earlier in the day.  While I was out, people had the audacity to use dishes!  And then we ate dinner and my family insisted we eat our enchiladas on plates – don’t they know I am doing a cleaning challenge?

So the challenge for today is going to sound pretty familiar and you might as well get used to hearing it: Do your dishes again. And if you feel so led, share your pics again.  I loved seeing all the pics on the Hope for Homemakers Facebook page yesterday and I definitely saw some encouragement going on in those ranks – thanks, ladies!

Bonus points if it takes you less time this time around.  If it doesn’t, stop using plates for at least one meal a day.  That will cut down on dish duty!  KIDDING!

No seriously bonus points if you leave a comment here telling us what your number one excuse for not doing the dishes is.  I want to hear your creative ones, your funny ones, your real ones.  If we know what our tricks are we won’t be able to trick ourselves into not doing our chores, right?

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  1. evonne

    Okay I cheated. As I mentioned, I am not a typical homemaker so I realized that I have just been making myself crazy and that I really do like clean! I did the dishes but I also swept and mopped. Really mopped! Not with the Swiffer (which is still great for everyday) but the old fashioned, heavy duty mop. Took me awhile but it is worth it.
    Also bought the book you recommended and love it. I’m not a typical slob, but had become one nonetheless. Feels great to have a really clean kitchen! Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. ussleah

      I think if we all thought about it we prefer clean to dirty, but clean is work and it can be hard. So glad you did the hard work! But you aren’t cheating to do more. When you have the basics (like the dishes) done, it frees you up to do the bigger things, as you need too! Keep it up!

  2. Amy

    Want to hear my excuse for not doing the dishes every now and then at night?! I am on strike! Some days I have had such a rotten day that I am just tired….(sick and tired) of ME cleaning EVERYONE ELSES dirty dishes! I don’t remember even contributing ONE dirty dish to that pile…so therefore, someone else should have done it! 🙂 Then, I get some good nights sleep, wake in the morning and remember that I am a wife and mother who loves to take care of my family….so, I wash those darn dishes! 🙂 LML!

  3. Daena Brown

    Well I do the dishes all day every day, three meals plus snacks. The daycare and my family. Honestly, at the end of the day I just don’t have the energy, and I am sick and tired of doing them!! On the other hand, I hate waking up to a mess. Another rant: Am I the only one in the house capable of washing pots and pans?! Even if someone helps with the evening dishes, they walk away without touching the pots and pans!

  4. Sara Nicholas

    My most frequently used excuse is thinking as soon as my husband is home it is officially chill time. And I tell myself that the kitchen doesn’t look that bad and could use a few more dishes piling up. I have a huge preference to cleaning all by myself when nobody else is home. That is so not working since the only time I am without children in the house is on my day off on Friday when they are in school……that is not enough time to maintain a household!!

  5. Jenny

    I have to admit on the nights I am a little sluggish I use PAPER plates lol. Lunch is always served on Paper plates too. So I guess I do cheat…ALOT !!! lol

  6. Stacie K.

    I did do the dishes, although I hadnt been home for a couple of days and it appears the guys had grilled out 10 times and did zero cleaning. I was too lazy and embarrassed to post the pic, but I did them all. Just walked by sink and have no idea where all the new mess came from. Ugh.

  7. Keeley

    My excuse…no one is coming over any time soon, so what is the point!?!? 😉

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