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hope for homemakers textThis post contains affiliate links.  I do receive compensation when you purchase items.  I only bring you things I love and find useful and there is no pressure to buy.

Yea! I am so excited to be starting this series.  We have some people who have already joined the facebook group and some people who have subscribed to the newsletter emails.  If you haven’t done one of these things (or both), please consider it.  We are here for encouragement.  And encouragement is best spoken one to another.

Let me get the ball rolling by stating for the record that I DO NOT have it all figured out (not by a long stretch)!  So I am simply going to be the moderator and coordinator of this group of homemakers.  This group will thrive or fail on the interaction of one another.  The topics for each month are simply to facilitate encouraging conversations about working on making our houses into homes.

Ball rolling?  Here’s the first pitch (yes I think I just mixed metaphors)!

We are going to start next Monday, September 16th with the book 28 Days to Hope for your Home by Dana White.  Due to the nature of the book, we will work through the book day by day, in an effort to fulfill the title: become more hopeful about our homes.


This book is amazing because it is so simple, but truly (I believe) life changing.  This is where we ought to begin with creating cleaning routines for our homes.  This is the basics that somehow some of us missed.  But Dana White didn’t always have it figured out.  The name of her blog: A Slob Comes Clean can tell you volumes about where she came from and where she is going.

Now you may be thinking, “I am mildly disorganized. I am not a slob. I don’t think I need this.”  And honestly you may be right in some respects.  If you are the person who never has fear strike her heart when a friend calls up and asks to drop by because you have a sink full of dishes in your kitchen and you haven’t opened the front door in weeks because there is not a path to it, you probably don’t need this book.  But I AM!  That’s me!  And I have a feeling it may be a few of you too!

I think we will discover a peace that comes over us as homemakers as we do the work of this book.  And Dana is so encouraging!  I think we are really going to like this one! I just watched a G+ hangout with Dana this morning and she had some very encouraging words.  I will be sharing the links to her hangouts next week!

Ok, now for the commercial: Dana’s 28 Days to Hope for Your Home is on sale this month for only $3.00 (use the code: HABIT).  You can opt to get just 28 Days to Hope for Your Home or you can get it and another of her books Drowning in Clutter? Don’t Grab a Floatie, Drain the Ocean for just $5.00 (again use the code: HABIT).  I love a discount and I think these books are really a great value.  End commercial.

Update: Get this same discount for the New Year using code 2014 (through 1/6)

So, let’s get started back here on Monday.  I will be posting in the morning the challenge for the day and then posting my results on Instagram and Facebook. I can’t wait to see what we can do together through the encouragement of this book and one another!

This post contains affiliate links.  I do receive compensation when you purchase items.  I only bring you things I love and find useful and there is no pressure to buy.

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