Clean Kids Rooms Every Day – DAY 4

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If you have been following along with this Kid’s Clean Room Challenge, you might have awoken this morning to find your kid’s room less messy than it was at the beginning of the week.  You also may be getting used to the idea of starting your day with your kids by doing a quick pick up.

Let’s get to new territory today: the bathroom!



Parents, as soon as your kids wake up, go into their room and do a quick pick-up.  Put toys, books, games, etc. back into their places.  Encourage your little ones to help you by singing the “Clean up” song (we have young ones that really respond to music), if that helps. Make sure you and your kids remember to put dirty clothes in the hamper.  Don’t forget to help your child make his own bed, too!

Head to the bathroom with your little ones and help them tidy up.  If there are bath toys in the bath tub, have them pick them all up and put them in a designated spot.  You can clear off the counters and do a quick wipe-down of the counters.  Have your child take the dirty towels and washcloths to the hamper and help you hang up fresh towels.


Kids Clean Room Challenge - DAY 4 bathroom cleaning_This is a fun one!  And it definitely requires parental supervision.  Squirt some toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet before you start tidying up the bathroom. Once the room is tidy scrub the toilet with your little ones.  They really have fun with this, but you can encourage them to keep all the water and the brush in the toilet.  Once she has scrubbed a bit; parents, give the toilet a good swish yourself and wipe down the seat.  Make sure potty training kids and potty-proficient kids wipe down their own little seats and potties, too!  You can come in behind them and make sure it is really clean until they are proficient in potty cleaning.

Kids Clean Room Challenge - DAY 4 Bathroom Cleaning

In just a few minutes your bathroom should look much better.  You can do the deep cleaning another time, but a quick clean up starts the day off just right!

Clean BathroomAre you joining us for this Kid’s Clean Room Challenge this week?  I would love to hear from you.  Let me know the specific things you struggle to maintain in your kid’s room.  Or let me know the success you had today from doing this simple challenge.  I want to answer questions and encourage you and your little ones!

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