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I am so glad you are joining me for the Kids Clean Room Challenge, a quick, one week challenge to get and keep your kid’s room clean.  We are halfway through the week and I hope these challenges have not taken you more than 15 minutes each day.  Remember these challenges are for both you and your children, so the multiplication of hands should make for quick work.


Here’s what we are up to today:



Parents, as soon as your kids wake up, go into their room and do a quick pick-up.  Put toys, books, games, etc. back into their places.  Encourage your little ones to help you by singing the “Clean up” song (we have young ones that really respond to music), if that helps. Make sure you and your kids remember to put dirty clothes in the hamper.  This will become a daily habit for you and your kids and you will be surprised how routine (and natural) it can be!


Change the sheets on the kid’s bed.  Your little ones, almost any age should be able to help you pull the sheets and blanket off of the bed.  They can then help you to put the fresh sheets and blankets on the bed (age-appropriate help).  This will help to reinforce and review how to make a bed (from Monday’s challenge).  Be sure to put the soiled sheets in the hamper so they get washed.

I do realize that this is a chore that is abominable to many parents of babies and toddlers simply because it can take so long and works up quite the sweat!  If you struggle to change the sheets on a crib because it is difficult, please check out my tutorial for how to change a crib sheet in less than 60 seconds. Yes, 60 seconds!

Are you joining us for this Kid’s Clean Room Challenge this week?  I would love to hear from you.  Let me know the specific things you struggle to maintain in your kid’s room.  Or let me know the success you had today from doing this simple challenge.  I want to answer questions and encourage you and your little ones!Kids Clean Room Challenge DAY 3

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  1. evonne

    Love the tutorial! Great idea. And you seem much more comfortable than in the start of the hanging clothes tutorial. I love them both. And love your braided hair!

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