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Saturday Stroll

We took a couple of weeks off there, but we are back and moving on a Saturday.  This week we took it pretty easy around here, trying to recover from various ailments.  Since I last posted, we have had lots of things happen.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and purchase our next family vehicle.  God provided the money and a great deal on a very nice new-to-us car that will provide lots of room (even for grandparents) for road trips.  We are hoping to take a couple of trips in June and we are looking forward to seeing how it rides.

G is talking in paragraphs now.  It is crazy!  She has a passion for cleaning and laundry not seen in most 23 month old kids.  When asked if she would like to play or help me clean, she chooses cleaning every time!  Yesterday we needed to put her beloved blanket in the wash and she was reluctant to let it leave her room, until I told her we needed to wash it.  She immediately changed her mind, helped me gather more laundry and enthusiastically helped me fill the washer with her load of laundry.  While the blanket was in the wash, she got a temporary blanket, which she now refers to as such.  Last night she told D that she was ready for bed by saying, “Dada, I have temporary blanket and Ernie.  I ready for bed!” Continue Reading


Let’s Party – Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I came across a great blog party (introduced to it by Janine over at True Aim Education) and I thought, “Hey, I love a party!  I want to go!” The party is hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom and is intended to introduce and meet new friends through lots of great events!  Oh, and there are prizes!  Sounds good right? See why I invited myself?

Since I am crashing the party, I thought I would bring a party game, just to get the conversation started.

I read a tweet on twitter from Dreft this week that really got me thinking.

If you could have a personal staff of 5 positions, with no worries about money or practicality, what would they be?

I’ll go first:

  1. massage therapist – Seriously, they would come over when I want them to and give me a massage.  Maybe it is just my back talking, but this mama would pay almost anything for some serious long-term relief.
  2. secretary – I can barely get the bills paid on time (working on it) and deal with all the paper that floats through this house.
  3. personal Starbucks Barista – and they would provide the materials to make my favorite drinks according to my whims.
  4. personal trainer – thankfully, I have lost all the baby weight (plus a little), but I need some toning and I need to be in shape.  Oh to have the time and money for one of these!
  5. a mother’s helper – do these exist anymore?  I would love someone to help me with the kids, but I still want to be with them all day!  I love what I do as a homemaker, but it is truly a LOT of work.  It would be nice to have an extra set of hands when my husband is not home.

That was fun!  Now for a little bit about this here blog.

I am a wife of almost 9 years to a wonderful man and we have a wonderful love story that only God Himself could have written.  I was a stay at home wife for most of those years until that same love-story-writing-God blessed us with a little girl (G) almost 2 years ago and then blessed us again 16 months later with another little girl (W).  I also lead a Precept Bible study to a local group.  Oh, and I love coffee and puzzles.

I started this blog in hopes of sharing four aspects of my life: homekeeping (Nest Building), child rearing (Growing Up), devotion, and finances (Pennies from Heaven).  I am still getting this plane in the air, but I have really enjoyed the connections I have made through this outlet.  I also enjoy getting the ideas I have with G and W on paper, so I remember what we did.

So what about you?  What 5 people would you employ with your imaginary unlimited resources?  Are you stopping by through the Blog Party?  Please leave a comment and let me know more about you!



Saturday Stroll

This week we celebrated Easter on Sunday and learned the way NOT to do it!  Last year we did the whole egg hunt thing later in the day after naps and eating.  This year we did it right after church and it didn’t work out so well for Miss W.  She wanted to be at home in bed in a very bad way!  But she started sitting up and her first tooth poked through, so she can be forgiven based on cuteness and milestones alone!  We took a sort of break on a formal One Year Old Preschool and will start back up next week.  I have been cleaning like a ma(i)d woman working on Money Saving Mom’s 30-Day Clean House Challenge and have been having fun connecting with others who are doing it as well!

Let’s take a walk, shall we?


Snapshot:  Forgive me if I cannot just pick one.  We had some very successful photo shoots this week based on some tips I got from Beryl Ann Young’s sample course One Ingredient Fix.


My buddy, Janine, over at True Aim Education wrote an amazing post with tips on getting your kids to eat their vegetables at any age.  I am definitely going to be employing some of these tips TODAY!

Make Your Children Like Vegetables.


Since I am on a cleaning kick, I found this post about cleaning glass shower doors and have discussed it with D and we are going to try it this week.

Oh, and I am going to make this tonight for dinner tomorrow night.  Doesn’t it look wonderful?


What are you up to this week?  Any posts you want to share for next week?  Leave me a comment and join the discussion.  I need a walking buddy!


A Fresh Love

I am in love.  We were meant for each other.  We fit.  He fulfills all my needs.  He accepts all my baggage. But sometimes he is a little bit too cold (almost icy, one might say).

Should we tell my husband?

Oh, he already knows about it.  I am having a love affair with our new refrigerator.

Isn’t he handsome?


Continue Reading


Saturday Stroll

This week we took the girls to the doctor.  W had to get her 4 month shots and G had to get some blood work.  As expected W freaked out, but it was somewhat short-lived.  Unexpectedly, G took the blood work like a champ.  When you come from scared-y cat stock like D and myself, you might expect to wriggle, squirm, cry, and even yell at the mention of needles.  Not G.  She did not move and just sat there and watched the blood come from her arm.  The story has been told, toddler style repeatedly since then.

And then I took G to get her first haircut on Friday.  And just like the blood work, she didn’t squirm, didn’t fuss, nothing.  She just sat there and made faces in the mirror.  Who is this kid?  Our hair-stylist extraordinaire said she is one of the best/easiest kids she has ever had!

This morning we are taking our first official stroll in our double stroller (yes, we finally purchased one when our youngest is almost 6 months old!).  We are going down to the park for a neighborhood Easter thing.

Let’s walk, shall we? Continue Reading


Saturday Stroll

We are going for a late afternoon stroll today.  Everybody in our house woke up this morning with CRAZY allergies.  That didn’t ruin the fun, but it definitely slowed down the older members of the household.  We have been fighting seasonal allergies all week.  Oh, and teething – but our girls teeth like champs!  I weighed W earlier today and discovered she is even bigger than I thought: 18 pounds!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing.

Let’s get strolling, shall we?

Song:  I went to see one of the greats last weekend.  And one of the songs he does that I love so much is Billy Joe Shaver’s “I’m Gonna Live Forever.”  He sings it like he wrote it and I love it!


I am in love with this one of W.  It is very hard to capture the expressions on her face on film, but here is a glimpse.


I have been working on the March MAIDness series this month to get the house in order and this next week is the last.  I still have a few great ideas coming up, but I wanted to share this solution for stinky bathrooms from my sister-in-law, Sarah’s blog: Frugal Fun For Boys.

Also, this week I signed up for an online photography class for moms, called Momtographie.  I am so excited about it because I need to hone my skills in this area; but what makes it even better is that it is FREE.  Want to join me? Just click on the link above and sign up.  It starts on Monday!

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, I have a new favorite drink over at Starbucks.  Check this one out, it is fabulous.  I present to you, the Hazelnut Macchiato (try it iced!).  And if you come to see me sometime, this can be your hostess gift! (smile)

 Well, I am exhausted from this walk – ha!  Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful week!