Best of ’13

Pass along this Simple.Home.Blessing.

I am a little slow on the pick-up most days.  That’s why we don’t do a lot of activities for Christmas and Thanksgiving until the week of.  I suddenly wake up a few days before big events and think, “I should do something for that to teach my kids why we do it.”  And sometimes, it still doesn’t get done.

So, I woke up this morning, January 1, 2014 and thought, “Hmm…it would be cool to find out what posts were the most popular on this blog for 2013.”

I know!  Bloggers have probably been doing this for quite some weeks, but here I am just figuring it out.  But, I started genuinely working on this blogging thing in January of last year, so I while I have learned much, I still haven’t figured out everything.

I did a quick search of what was most popular on Simple.Home.Blessings. in 2013 (google analytics is kind of spooky) and there were some surprises in there.  But if I am honest these are some the posts I am most proud of from the past year.

Best of '13

Here’s the rundown:

10. One Year Old Preschool: Blue – part of our preschool unit on colors.

1 year old preschool blue

9. One Hour Freezer Cooking – ground beef edition

6 Dinners in 60 Minutes Freezer Cooking

8. Why We Don’t Teach our Children to Share

no sharing

7. Toddler Craft: Paper Rainbows Two Ways – so simple!

rainbow paper craft

6. Series: One Year Old Preschool – a group of posts about our preschool

1 year old preschool

5. Bye-Bye Baby Acne – the product recommendation to get rid of this sad little ailment.

Bye Bye Baby Acne

4. Baby Betterment: Tummy Time – tips for helping your little one get through this all-important part of her day.

Tummy TIme

3. Getting Ready for Baby – tips for preparing your home for the helping hands that arrive after baby gets here.


2. Toddler Activity: Father’s Day Tacky Tie – this was so simple, but it was a big hit!

Father's Day Craft_Tacky Tie 3

1. The Power of Calling your Kids (Good) Names – a very recent post, but it made it to the top!

Calling Your Kids GOOD names


Do you have a favorite post of the year?  I would love to get feedback from my readers to know what interests them most!  Please leave a comment letting me know what was memorable to you?

Happy New Year!  I can’t wait to get started on what is to come in this year!



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  • Reply evonne January 1, 2014 at 7:56 PM

    I love them all but do think your #1 is my #1. Amazing how much G has grown! So excited for you on your remodel. Feel for you with G’s potty issue! You definitely have your hands full!

    Hope you have a fantastic new year! Love you!!!

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